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Ty Segall Band, "Slaughterhouse"
Ty Segall Band, “Slaughterhouse”

The first track of Ty Segall‘s (or the Ty Segall Band’s) Slaughterhouse is a warning shot for anyone unfamiliar with his music. This is loud, distorted, fuzzy and dark garage rock.

The song’s name, “Death,” gives that away, and it’s a raging mass of freakout guitar. Up second, “I Bought My Eyes” is far easier to absorb, with surfy reverb, riffs and ooo’s. It also represents the best qualities of the album and Segall’s music in general. 

The bulk of Slaughterhouse balances the rage of a power of the Stooges, the lo-fi fuzz of garage rock, and the attention to melody of a good songwriter.

The grand finale of “Fuzz War,” clocking in at 10:23, feels like a release of built-up energy and an experiment in distortion and feedback. It’s like Segall and the band can’t really work it all out of their systems with structured, shorter songs, and just needed to practice the musical equivalent of primal scream therapy.

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