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University of Colorado alumnus Alex Gjavenis freestyle skiing. Gjavenis was one of eight finalists in an internship contest with Monster Energy.
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University of Colorado alumnus Alex Gjavenis freestyle skiing. Gjavenis was one of eight finalists in an internship contest with Monster Energy.

University of Colorado alumnus Alex Gjavenis has broken nearly every bone in his body playing extreme sports — a small sacrifice for his life’s passion.

Even before graduating with his communications degree in December, Gjavenis had his eyes on a job with Monster Energy — an energy drink company that would allow him to work with extreme athletes and sporting events.

“Monster is different because they’re in the grassroots of action sports, supporting the athletes, fans and employees involved,” Gjavenis said. “Action sports are my passion and I plan on making that part of my life and my career.”

Gjavenis was one of the first of 2,000 applicants to participate in Monster’s Ultimate Intern Search competition.

He just moved back home to Minnesota where he was working as a party bus driver when he heard about the contest. 

A few weeks later, Gjavenis was one of eight finalists who competed last week in events designed to find the best interns for the company. Gjavenis found out Monday evening he didn’t get one of two internships with the company. 

However, he said the experience may have turned out better than he hoped.

“Nothing’s official yet,” he said,” but they pulled me aside and said they wanted to talk to me about a job.”

In May, Monster launched the contest on its Facebook page, asking applicants submit a video applying for one of the internship positions.

Gjavenis said he thinks his video, filled with clips of him performing stunts, helped to set him apart from other applicants.

“I knew I had a pretty good chance since I am so involved in action sports,” he said. “I’ve been looking at working at Monster for a while now, so I knew what was important to them.”

Carol Levey, public relations council for the project, said as the economy continues to recover Monster was smart to take advantage of the large pool of qualified, energetic applicants through healthy competition.

“This is the dream job for a lot of people,” Levey said. “It’s the ultimate opportunity because they get to do so much more than a regular internship. They get to be alongside the personalities at special events, like the X Games, working right alongside all of the participants.”

Gjavenis said after working at a post-graduation desk job for a few months, the Monster competition was a fun, energetic experience that was right up his alley. 

“I’m just not an office guy, you know,” Gjavenis said. “I think I’ll fit in really well with this company and I’m excited to see where it takes me.”

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