Greg Lindstrom
Bad Buddhist: Fuck it, I’m doing yoga

These five little words could save you all kinds of mental anguish.

By week’s end, I was at wit’s end. I had a continual headache. Was it the heat? The smoke in the air? Squinting out my window at the Flagstaff Fire, now smoldering, on Bear Peak? Whatever it was, drugs weren’t doing any good, but turning myself upside down — a classic yoga cure for a headache — gave me a little relief.

I needed a good restorative yoga session. Unfortunately, my usual times at my usual yoga studios were filled with my usual higher-energy classes, not sit down, slow down, drop your forehead onto the mat for 10 minutes, then just lay there in corpse pose for a long time, because this headache is making you cranky and irritable like a toddler past due for a nap.

When my yoga pants are in this big of a bunch, well, that’s where those five little words come in handy.

Last week, it was the headache. Another week, for another yogi, it might be a demanding class or job, a relationship, an illness, a major appliance that went boom that results in your bank account going bust (me two weeks ago). Or it could be cumulative little stressors that pile up until one day, you’re getting dressed, desperately searching for a top to wear, something, anything that doesn’t make you feel pudgy, and you’re suddenly dropping F-bombs all over your bedroom, topless, wondering how in Shri Shri Someyogi’s name you got to this place. When that happens, it’s time to put on your favorite yoga top instead, unroll your mat and declare:

Fuck it, I’m doing yoga.

Here’s the catch: There will always be something else to do. There’s always one more email to answer at work, one more chore to do at home, one more other responsible thing that you really ought to be doing instead of running gleefully out to your favorite yoga class.

I know this. But I forget. And then all of a sudden, it’s mid-afternoon on a Friday, and I’ve hit a wall. I’ll have to answer that email later, because right now, I have to do yoga.

It’s what Shri Shri Someyogi would do.

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