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Beachwood Sparks, "The Tarnished Gold"
Beachwood Sparks, “The Tarnished Gold”

The Tarnished Gold is an album lost in time. It’s been just shy of 10 years since Beachwood Sparks’ last release and, just as before, the band seems to have time traveled here from the early ‘70s.

The album is chock-full of dreamy group vocals, syrupy guitars and gently plodding drum beats. Then there are the lyrics, which sometimes sound like they were pulled from the album notes of a late-era Beatles record — “Everywhere is the place you’ve been and nowhere is where you’re from.” Hints of ‘70s psych almost make you forget the band is country rockers, but there’s enough twang in the guitar riffs to keep things grounded. “Sparks Fly Again” might be the high point on the record, if only because it feels like the band is celebrating its return.

“Earl Jean” delivers the line that sums everything up for Beachwood Sparks: “Back in town / Out of style.” (That’s a good thing.)