I t’s a weekend of flashbacks for me, and for plenty of you folks out there too, I’ll bet.

No, I don’t mean a NOW 1 through 7 compilation concert is coming to town, or our bars are screening of all the classic Saturday morning cartoons (if only, my friends; “Looney Tunes,” “Hey Arnold,” “Doug” and “Rugrats” ruled).

Instead, it’s childhood antics coupled with a shot or two of grown-up, shenanigan-inducing drinks.

Intrigued? I sure am, despite knowing I’ll be cooped up here in the office all weekend. But that shouldn’t stop y’all from living it up like it’s the ’90s.

Forget the mountain bikes this Saturday, and instead, get back to your three-wheelin’ roots. It’s time the Big Wheel made a comeback.

Back in the day café, I was all about the oversized bike-wannabe. I’d ride that bad boy up and down my driveway, climbing that steep incline, enjoying the view from the top before careening back down toward the road.

A simpler time.

Best part? Unlike my training wheel removal a year or two later, I avoided many a scabbed knee or traumatic crash this way. It was just me and the road. Well, the driveway and stretch of sidewalk I was allowed to ride on.

It’s time to put those skills into use, at the 31st Big Wheel Rally , held by the Walrus Saloon. Get the thrill of the ride while also benefiting the St. Jude Hospital NICU.

It’s a chance to get back a little piece of your childhood while helping today’s youth. And all this with high-speed racing and adult libations. Not sure it gets any better.

Info: 2012 31st Big Wheel Rally at the Walrus Saloon, 1911 11th Street, at 5 p.m. Register online.

When I was a kid, my friends and I always loved to commandeer a pick-up — my dad’s or a friend’s — and pile into the back. We’d listen to our latest nerdy obsession from the Top 50 radio hits list, talk about the boys we played SMASH about, draw up Cooty Catchers and rig up a travel TV to watch movies on, all in predictable pre-teen fashion.

I honestly can’t say why we loved this so much. Especially when we, more often than not, just sat in the garage or out in the driveway. But there’s something about relaxing with friends under the stars and off the couch.

Camping, without actually camping. (I’m far from the outdoorsy type, so I modify it to fit my indoor-loving side.)

Naturally, we also loved drive-ins or outdoor movie screenings, whether in the front seat of my far-too-small Nissan or in lawn chairs with a cooler replete with soda and absolutely nothing healthy.

Looks like it’s time to bust out the Cokes — spiked or not — and family-size chips again.

Boulder Outdoor Cinema is back, and it’s screening ‘Pulp Fiction’ this Saturday night behind the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

And before the film fires up? Music, friends and plenty of fun, with dusk signaling the start of the movie.

It’s time to get outside and Tarantino it up, everyone.

Info: Screening of ‘Pulp Fiction’ at the Boulder Outdoor Cinema, 1750 13th Street, at 7 p.m., with the film starting at dusk.

Don’t let yourself get old yet. Get out, embrace your youth, and be careful not to run over your feet or overdose on movie treats this weekend.

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