Passion Pit recently canceled a handful of tour dates so lead singer Michael Angelakos could take some time for his mental health, and that’s sort of surprising if you listen to Gossamer. True to Passion Pit form, it’s upbeat, dancing-with-a-giant-goofy-grin indie pop.

Maybe the unrest is peaking through all the fuzzy bass, soaring and twinkling keys and earnestly straining vocals. Disguised by peppy, sometimes frantic electro-pop are lines like “It’s not fair / Still, I’m the only one who seems to care.” It’s that dissonance found in a lot of indie pop — existential crises you want to dance to.

Gossamer clocks in around 47 minutes, which would be long for this sort of music if Passion Pit didn’t deliver so much variety and texture. In one moment it’s an assault of thumping bass and crashing symbols, and the next it’s sparkly, with light syths accompanying Angelakos’ falsetto.

Life and love are problematic, but at least the music is glistening.

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