It took nearly the full week, but the rock for Week One of Boulder Rocks has been found.

The rock was found shortly after 10 this morning at its hiding spot near a lamppost at the University of Colorado Science and Research Center on Colorado between 30th and Foothills

We’ll be following up shortly with a story about the winners.

In case you’re curious about what would have been the final clue had the rock not been found today, here are all five clues for the Week One rock.

Clue 1: In the spirit of “rocks” think of one of Boulder’s most common stones.

Clue 2: Smokestacks loom near the location where I lie.

Clue 3: You may need to do more research on Boulder to discover the rock this week.

Clue 4: If you have “pent up” frustration about finding the rock, you’d better go to the track.

Clue 5: Look for a lamppost next to a parking spot just right of a handicap spot.