S weltering summer days call for refreshing, relaxing date nights. What better way to cool off and calm down than with a big, frosty margarita in hand? The sweet citrus base for the drink is the perfect base for a little get-you-going tequila kick that’ll turn the date into a party no matter where you’re imbibing.

Whether you’re looking for a classy cocktail, a bargain beverage or an excuse to adventure off the walking mall, there’s a margarita in this town that’ll add some sex appeal and spark to this weekend’s date.

If you’re looking for bar-hopping potential, there’s no denying that Pearl’s west end may have the country’s densest collection of high-quality cocktail joints in the country — maybe even the world. You could easily spend an entire night and drop an entire paycheck in the three-block radius packed with inspired tequila drinks.

Starting from Broadway and working east to west, hit up Riffs Urban Fare (1115 Pearl St.) for their blood-orange take on the traditional marg, then swing by Salt Bistro (1047 Pearl St.) for a blend-your-own mix-up based on cilantro, chipotle or strawberry basil — I’d recommend the uniquely refreshing cilantro base.

When you’re ready for more, drop into Tahona Tequila Bistro (1035 Pearl St.) and pair one of their 19 on-the-menu margaritas — I like the sweet-spicy pineapple and habanero concoction — with an appetizer plate of pork green chili cheese fries or a quesadilla. Not done yet? Good, because you don’t want to miss out on sipping a chili-strawberry take on a marg from the outside patio at Centro Latin Kitchen (950 Pearl St.).

If you’d rather relax, stay put, avoid the hassle of Pearl and enjoy the varied offerings of just one hotspot, an excellent choice is Zolo Grill (2525 Arapahoe Ave.; zologrill.com). The intimate, friendly and understated bar sits opposite a wall of tequila that includes over 150 varieties. Or just pick from one of the 10 margs that are already on the menu — including Boulder’s best classic, coin-style (tangy, not sweet) marg. Splurge on a plate of fish tacos or the made-to-order guac for an authentic meal.

On a budget? Perhaps one of Boulder’s hidden gems when it comes to casual Mexican food, Pica’s (5360 Arapahoe Ave.; picasboulder.com) strip-mall faade and counter-based ordering belies its quality food, decent prices and Nacho-Libre-strength margs. Their $5.50 highball-style mix of the traditional liquors blends deliciously with fresh lemon, lime and orange juice. The result? A dinner and two-drink date night that can ring in at under $30. Plus, pedaling out together — Arapahoe has a wide, bike-path-style sidewalk east of Foothills — means you don’t have to spring for gas money either.

Kristy Holland writes about dating once a week for the Colorado Daily. Tell her about your date-night ideas at boulderdatenight@gmail.com.