On Eternal Summers‘ sophomore album, the band stays true to its name. The reverb-y and sometimes fuzzy guitars, punky drums and sweet-with-a-bite vocals merge to sound like summer, just as they all did before.

But on Correct Behavior, the band has evolved into a fuller, more polished sound. The label “dream punk” may or may not be ridiculous, but as contradictory as it seems, it’s a perfect description for Eternal Summers. The album has all the kick of punk with enough hazy sounds and pretty melodies to make it dreamy. And if the album captures any particular summers, it’s the summers of your teens, with angsty lines like, “Mom and Dad, please/ You can never enter/ Shut the back door.”

“Girls In The City” provides an interesting break from the norm, abandoning Nicole Yun’s perfectly imperfect vocals for some deadpan talk-singing from Daniel Cundiff. “Good As You” provides a nice change of pace, too — slow burning and mellowed out.

Correct Behavior sounds like a band growing up, but not getting old. Lock your door and crank it.

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