“We sound like the feeling you get when you pee on the prego stick and it shows you a plus sign.”

That’s what White Lung‘s lead singer Mish Way told the site “Thrash It Out” back in 2010. If your reaction to the plus sign would be a burst of chaotic, frantic, raging thoughts, then that description is spot on.

White Lung is pure punk rock. The drum kit is taking the beating of a lifetime while the guitars furiously shriek and Way shouts and snarls. Each song barrels forward at breakneck speed and clocks in around two minutes, but don’t mistake that race for a lack of substance. There are impressive guitar riffs, perhaps most notably on “Those Girls” and “The Bad Way,” and the vocal melodies have enough structure to hook you even as they threaten you.

Takeaway: Sorry hardly sounds sorry, and there’s definitely nothing to be sorry about.

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