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A s a girl, I tend to get very focused on dates, marking the occasion and taking note of what men love to call “inconsequential,” or that ever-endearing phrase, “wastes of time.”

Talk about sweet-talking a lady.

Birthdays, marks of a “first” in a relationship, anniversaries. All are priorities to most women, marked on their calendar months in advance, obsessively so. All are events that would fly by — if left to men.

Sure, there are exceptions, but please, let me generalize here for a bit.

I’ve had this … discussion more times than I can count with the men in my life, as have my friends with their significant others. And women will be the first to admit these aren’t life-changing experiences.

But for the sake of argument, let us remember that women are, in fact, a wee bit crazy, and perhaps that fact will allow you to humor us. Or else.

Just kidding! Sort of …

Well, it seems this time women are not the only ones saving the date.

Avery Brewery has drawn little stars around this Sunday, its 19th anniversary, and is inviting us all to join in — two years from their legal drinking age, ironically enough.

And for those planning on attending, the rewards are worth it.

Five 12-oz. brews from the taps, live tunes and a barbecue spread that’ll stave off the buzz while you ingurgitate the day’s libations. (Not to be confused with regurgitate. That comes later, when a few beers become many, and shots become the “good ideas” we share with our friends without hesitation or common sense.)

Not too shabby for 19 years of brew-tastic fun.

Looking for more? VIP ticket-holders will find five more drinks — the rarest the brewery has — tapped from its Barrel-Aging Cellar.

This certainly beats my 19th birthday. As I recall, it consisted of a few friends, much cheaper drinks and a collection of songs from my off-brand MP3 player that wasn’t in style then or now.

Ah, the good ol days.

Info: Avery’s 19th Anniversary Party, 5763 Arapahoe Ave, from noon to 5 p.m.

August is also a month to celebrate the return of those students who left Boulder for the summer and are anxiously awaiting their next year of classes, essays, exams … oh wait. That’s not right. Sub all that out for “kegger” and “beer pong.” That sounds better.

There’s still a few weeks, but as folks trickle back into Boulder, local bars are shaking off the dust and gearing up for the start of school.

Having graduated one long year ago, August holds significantly less meaning to me now, but for the Walrus Saloon, it’s the welcoming back of some of its best and most enthusiastic clientele.

It missed you.

So as a gift, it produced the Walrus August Mix CD, mixed by DJPetey — a little something to bring the dance party to your own house party this fall.

Talk about making an old idea cool again. Mixed CDs went by the wayside as an ice-breaker for the shy guy to his crush, or the means of sharing tunes once we all got laptops, flash drives and email accounts.

So head on out to the Warlus this Saturday and grab your copy. It’s kind of a while-supplies-last situation, so come early, and bring the girls who carry the purses so you can keep them stored there during your push to the bar.

Need to keep the hands free for the drink/shot combo.

Info: Walrus Monthly Mixtape giveaway Saturday night at the Walrus Saloon, 1911 11th Street.