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Mike Gurrola found the week-four Rock. Paul Aiken/Colorado Daily
Mike Gurrola found the week-four Rock. Paul Aiken/Colorado Daily

L andscape architect Mike Gurrola has been searching for a Colorado Daily Rock for years. Finally, on Wednesday morning, this Boulderite found Week Four’s Rock in its nesting spot near the Boulder Municipal Airport — it was the quickest find yet in this summer’s contest.

“It’s the early bird who gets the Rock,” said Gurrola.

Gurrola said in searching for each week’s Rock in the past month, he was off by mere feet or just hours. Not this week. Now the Rock is his to keep — along with $500.

“You mean I get to keep the Rock? I spent the morning taking pictures with it everywhere,” he said, with a laugh.

Gurrola’s Wednesday morning was spent searching for Clue 3’s “bizarre art” along the Boulder Creek bike path, the Valmont Bike Park and even around the sculpture near the Boulder County Jail.

When he finally discovered the Rock at the base of an elm tree near the airport, his thoughts immediately were, “abscond!”

“Holy moly, I wanted to stick it in my pack and get out of there,” to keep his treasure safe from other rock hunters, he said.

Gurrola said he is going to use the prize money for either an electronic fan with a gigantic block of ice, or a cool vacation spot for him and his wife.

“It’s been so hot out lately, maybe I’ll take her to a nice, cool beach.”

In the end, Gurrola wanted to know when he is eligible to search again.

“I love the chase,” he said. ” It’s more about the chase than the money for me.”

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