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Django Django, "Django Django"
Django Django, “Django Django”

British rock foursome Django Django have been flying just under the radar for a few years. But in this record, their self-titled full-length debut, the band’s sunny mix of rock and indie pop will make more than a blip on your screen.

Django Django is wavering between super synthed-out beats and rootsy riffs and rhythms. On one end, there’s the bouncy, twitchy “Default” and the 8-bit video game instrumentals of “Zumm Zumm.” But then there’s “Firewater,” with its jazzy strolling bass line, scratchy Americana guitars and steady clapping. “Wor” sounds like the opening music to an Western outlaw movie, with a wailing siren and building, galloping guitar and drums.

Even with the seemingly big shifts in style, the album holds itself together. Django Django throws electronics into the rockers and guitars into the dance tracks throughout enough that the tracks don’t seem wildly different. What’s really binding it all together, though, is consistently enthusiastic drumming and endless supply of good vibes.