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Yeasayer, "Fragrant World"
Yeasayer, “Fragrant World”

Yeasayer’s third LP finds the Brooklyn experimental rock trio as weird and undeniably catchy as ever.

Fragrant World is thick with dark and eerie sounds — “No Bones” could soundtrack a trippy nightmare — but Yeasayer kept it all light on its feet and danceable. It’s menacing yet playful, threatening with a wink.

The record doesn’t feel unfinished, but there is a sense of the guys sitting in the studio, semi-randomly twisting knobs and sliding dials up and down. The sonic manipulation has an in-the-moment quality, whether it’s the crunchy rhythms underlying “Fingers Never Bleed,” the halting movement of “Longevity” or the distorted collection of samples of “Folk Hero Shtick.”

The album isn’t officially out until Aug. 21, but you can stream it now at