University of Colorado College of Music program assistant Amy Larsen, right, collects paperwork from freshman David Lonowski during freshman orientation at the Imig Music building on Wednesday, Aug. 22, on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder. Jeremy Papasso/Colorado Daily


    Freshman Jessica Sizemore raises her hand to ask a question during freshman orientation at the Imig Music building on Wednesday, Aug. 22, on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder. Jeremy Papasso/ Colorado Daily



Summer break is dwindling fast for students at the University of Colorado, but freshmen entering the Leeds School of Business this year are closer than most to starting the fall semester.
That’s because Saturday, 750 Leeds freshmen will get an early lesson about business basics, including innovation and teamwork at the school’s first CoLab: Essentials of Collaboration and Innovation event.
CoLab program director Sally Forester said the program was developed to introduce freshmen to the business school and the workload expectation in college-level classes.
“A lot of freshmen aren’t sure why they’ve come to the business school or even what business is,” Forester said. “We’re introducing to them to how business works.”
Freshmen entering the business school are required to attend the five-hour event, in addition to a campus-wide orientation and Leeds-specific orientation sessions held throughout the summer and move-in week.
Students will work in teams to solve obstacles on the Norlin Quad before collaborating with other teams to develop a product and business plan, Forester said.
The program’s goals are to help build community and teach incoming students how to work in teams and become effective leaders — skills Forester said students will use in all of their business classes.
Even though students will be learning, Forester said the event is nothing like a classroom experience.
“This is really an action learning experience,” Forester said. “It’s like learning to walk. You do it and you learn as you’re doing it.”
Other colleges on the Boulder campus are also holding orientation sessions throughout the week to help students prepare for classes, which begin Monday.
The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is hosting Engineering Day Thursday.

Students will meet their department heads, learn about student clubs and activities within the engineering school and attend a question and answer session with current engineering students.
“We feel it’s important for them to feel part of our community here,” said Mary Steiner, assistant dean of the college. “Having them get to know each other and the faculty and staff, advisers, people they’ll interact with over next few years is important.”
The College of Music also requires incoming freshmen to attend an orientation before entering the college.

It includes a diagnostics test in music theory to help determine which theory class students should enter, said Jim Austin, associate dean of undergraduate students for the college. They’ll also have info on getting started at the College of Music and short presentations about various program throughout the college.
CU freshman Chloe Strascina attended Wednesday’s orientation in the School of Music after participating in the campus-wide orientation earlier in the summer.
Strascina said despite feeling overwhelmed with information this week, she was excited to meet the students she will likely be taking classes with for the next four years.
“In the big orientation you sit next to people that you’ll probably never see again,” Strascina said. “I’m excited about going to this one though because these are people that I’m going to be in classes with and spending time with so I’m excited to meet them.“

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