Daniel Perlaky
Ghostland Observatory is playing CU-Boulder’s Welcome Fest on Saturday.

Another school year at the University of Colorado, another knock ‘em down and drag ‘em out Welcome Fest concert from Program Council.
The show is PC’s biggest every year. They pull out all the stops to book the best talent and produce the most visually impressive show a student-group budget can buy. In their eyes, and at the root of it, the Welcome Fest concert is a free gift to Buffs. But if you’ll allow me to interject my opinion here, (Pfft. Like you could stop me) this is also some major muscle flexing and showing off from Program Council: Look what we can do. There’s more where that came from.
This Saturday, Welcome Fest has a distinct electronic and hip-hop theme, with a dash of rock here and there. Here’s the rundown.
Ghostland Observatory
Welcome Fest’s headliners are an Austin-based that’s turned out four albums since 2002, with another on the way soon. Producer, drummer and keyboardist Thomas Ross Turner and singer and guitarist Aaron Behrens brought together their separate passions for dance music and rock — whether it’s blues, psych or country — to create their own funky electro-rock.
Landing these two to top the bill is a pretty big deal for Program Council. Ghostland Observatory is good enough for Red Rocks Amphitheatre when they come to Colorado, and they’ve booked big festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza.
For a taste of their latest work, look to 2010’s Codename: Rondo and have a listen to “Glitter” and “Miracles.” They’re great samples of how Ghostland Observatory can easily mix shiny pop production, thumping dance beats and ripping guitar.

This 23-year-old dubstep producer (real name: Christian Bauhofer) keeps producing three-track Eps — short, but sweet.
Bauhofer is working on a new record that might include collaboration from the hip-hop group Zion I, who he’ll be touring with as well.
Also, he’s no stranger to Colorado, having opened for local stars Paper Diamond and Big Gigantic.
Hoodie Allen
Another name on the roster who’s almost young enough to be a college student: 25-year-old Steven Markowitz, better known as rapper Hoodie Allen.
Some see the terms he’s labeled with — “hipster hop” or pop rap — as bad, but he’s owning how fun and indie rock-driven his music is. Everyone else should just chill and enjoy it.
Hoodie Allen’s April 2012 release, “All American,” climbed pretty damn high on the charts because it’s just so catchy. Listen to “Lucky Man” or “No Interruption” and just try to disagree.
Here’s your local offering for Welcome Fest. This Boulder-based trio features Kevin Donohue on guitar, Andrew Clymer on bass and Chris Anderson on drums.
But nope, they’re not a rock band. Donohue and Clymer are also producers, and SubSquabi is largely electronic. Much like Big Gigantic, they’re mixing beats with live funk-rock instrumentals, and the results will basically force you to dance.
They’ve played CU before, but if you didn’t catch them then, have a listen to “Professor Chaos” or “Catastophic” for a taste.

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