Amanda Weiland, left, and Hanna Doyle, both of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, help parents and new students move into Williams Village on Thursday. Many campus groups volunteered for the move in. Colorado Daily/Cliff Grassmick

The last of the University of Colorado freshmen moved into their new dorms Thursday, and among the boxes of bedding and clothes were a few unusual trinkets that students said they couldn’t live without.

Freshmen and their parents piled into Stearns East Thursday morning with a few boxes of unique decor.

Roommates Brittany Scherer and Katherine Woolley unknowingly brought matching busts to decorate the desks under their beds.

On the side of Scherer’s desk is the wooden statue of a Roman or possibly Viking warrior — she wasn’t sure which. Scherer said she considers herself a little unusual so she’s hoping her bust and collection of Buddhas will help her connect with other interesting freshmen.

Hanging with a coconut bra just above Woolley’s desk is a coconut bust she calls Martha.

“I just saw it sitting there in my room and thought why not, so I tossed it in the box,” Woolley said. “You never know when you might need it.”

CU freshman Stephen Blount has turned his four-person apartment on the first floor of Stearns East into an outdoor haven.

Mountain bikes, slack lines, snowboards and camping equipment fill the storage closet behind his room.

Outdoor gear isn’t unusual for most Boulder residents, but the large equipment can be a major sacrifice for freshmen who have only a few square feet to house all of their belongings.

“It’s definitely a lot of large items to fit in a small space, but I mean, I’ll make room for it,” Blount said.

On the fourth floor, freshman Timothy Carlson didn’t have to make much room in his dorm for a few odd knick knacks.

A talking alarm clock sits next to Carlson’s bed, which is topped with a Maasai blanket he bought in Tanzania where he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with his family.

The oddest item in the room was a tape dispenser — with a blue, rubber man holding the tape roll while sitting on a toilet.

“I don’t know, it’s just weird I guess,” Carlson said. “It wouldn’t feel like home if I didn’t have some weird things sitting around.”

The students of Williams Village North also had a few unconventional decorations.

Fifth floor roommates Alex O’Brien and Laura Gabel brought each brought a reminder from home that was a little out of the box — and in a bowl.

The long-time friends brought pet goldfish they won at a carnival over the summer to share their new space at CU.

“It’s basically the only pet you can have in the dorms,” Gabel said.

The pair said the fish, named Fishy and Squishy, were the center of their dorm decor, which also included matching animal-print bedding.

Down on the second floor, freshman Adam Charnes decided to use some unique items to make his space more functional.

A ladder he purchased at an RV store makes it easier for him to get up and down from his bed, which he raised to place his desk and dresser underneath. Wood panels that attach to the side of his bed make for unique end tables.

Charnes’s personal soda-maker will not only save him some money but is also a one-of-a-kind item that he said he hopes attracts hall mates to his room.

“I mean we’re going to be here for a year, so we might as well make it our own, you know,” Charnes said.

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