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Alexandra Sieh's going-out attire is sometimes as old school as her dance moves.
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Alexandra Sieh’s going-out attire is sometimes as old school as her dance moves.

O ne of these days, dear Buffs, you’ll run into our Alexandra Sieh while she’s out doing field research for her Boulder at Night column.

We’re not sure what she’ll be wearing (’80s neon chic, perhaps?), or what kind of dance moves she’ll be busting out when this happens (something nerdy, but she’s probably gleefully owning it).

Look, it sounds like you should give her some space on the dance floor … but also ask where she’s heading next, because she tracks down every beer pong tourney, drink tour and trivia night in town.

We’re on to you, Alex. We know that you’re a Ram. Is a Ram qualified to tell Buffs how to spend a night out in Boulder?

A Ram lost in Buffalo Country indeed. But while this CSU alumna has found herself in a sea of black and gold, I’ve taken the lead from my CU friends, toured the Boulder bars myself a few times — nothing teaches you more than a first-hand education, right? — and intend to fight back rivalry pride to deliver the best events I can. It’s all bar-night shenanigans in the end, no matter the diploma seal.

What’s the strangest event you’ve heard about since starting your column?

With a slow summer behind me, I’m sure students’ arrivals will bring out the real twists and turns across Boulder. But the one that comes back to me is the Big Wheel Rally at the Walrus. Or the similar Trike Night at the Dark Horse. After a night of delightfully mind-warping beverages, hopping on any set of wheels seems a risky plan for me.

We’ve heard you have some old-school dance moves. Please describe.

Old school? Perhaps they’re better described as … classically bad. For me, the “shopping cart,” “sprinkler” and “lawn mower” — and the “Q-tip” as I’ve mentioned before — never go out of style. I’ve brought ’em to nearly every bar in Boulder, and let me tell you, amid the sea of couples’ grinding you find out there, I’m an easy one to spot.

You’re a self-proclaimed neat-freak who can’t handle a mess. So we’re curious how you handle the Walrus — and the free peanuts there.

I’d say situationally OCD fits the bill a bit more. Those who have sat in my car have seen where my cleanliness falls to the wayside, while my work station and desktop remain OCD-organized. But the Walrus — a place I hesitate to sit down, depending on my dress’ length, or set my hands down at all — is tolerable, especially since it’s usually my last stop of the night. More power to the free peanut eaters. I’d imagine their bar purchases clear that outta their system in no time regardless.

Do you recommend that as a free meal for students on a budget?

For those out at the bars while on a budget, I think you’ve already got your priorities straight. And hey, after enough libations, I’d guess that financial scrimping is left forgotten with shot No. 5 anyway. Late-night drive-ins — while never where a DD wants to stop — are there for a reason. Just have that sober friend handy, and Taco Bell awaits.

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