This fall, the University of Colorado relased a new online bulletin board and digital newsletter, offering a one-stop shop for students to collect campus information.

The virtual bulletin board,  Buff Bulletin Board, and emailed newsletters, CU-Boulder Today, collect campus news, features, community information and events, said Erin Frazier, editor of the newsletter for faculty and staff.

CU-Boulder Today is emailed to students three times per week — on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays — similar to the Buff Bulletin’s e-memo that was sent to students twice a week in past years, Frazier said.

The new update allows students to unsubscribe from the emails and to increase student interest by adding images and video.

“We had opportunity to take down the older system which had been around a while and replace it with a more dynamic, HTML, better-looking tool,” she said. 

CU students said they like having one site as a resource for campus information, but they also said three times a week was too frequent for the newsletters, especially this early in the semester.

CU senior Mike Jaeger said right now students are busy adjusting to classes and with 30 unread emails in his campus inbox after only a week of classes, he’s not expecting to open last week’s newsletters anytime soon.

“I only read about 10 percent of the Buff Bulletins, so I’d say even with three a week I probably won’t read more than that,” Jaeger said. “As students our email gets really cluttered so I think once a week would have been plenty.”

The Rev. Roger Wolsey, director of The Wesley Foundation — a Christian ministry serving the Boulder campus — said the updated newsletter has already impacted the student group’s participation in events this fall.

Wolsey said since the newsletter replaced the Buff Bulletins, they have seen a significant drop in participation from students in events posted on the new bulletin board.

“We average about 60 people at our yoga class on Monday nights but we’ve only had 13 or 14 the last two weeks consecutively,” Wolsey said. “The Buff Bulletin was a really great way for us to reach students, but since they changed the name students don’t know what it is and they aren’t seeing the information like they used to.”

Information about the updates were included in the final Buff Bulletin to students and the first CU-Boulder Today email, Frazier said, but like with any updates, it will take time for students to start recognizing the new system.

Wolsey said he is disappointed with the low turnouts at recent events, including a candle light vigil during the first week of classes that drew only three CU students.

“In my experience, in seven years as director of Wesley, within first four weeks of when they arrive on campus is when students determine their routines, their weekly schedules, their planners,” Wolsey said. “Visitors after the first four weeks are a bonus, an exception to the rule. So this time is really key.”

CU freshman Christina Muss-Brill said she hasn’t noticed the emails yet.

“I’m too busy to look at the emails right now,” Muss-Brill said. “I could see using the emails or the site to get more involved but not right now. Maybe when I’m not so busy.”

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