Mitt Romney insulted so many Americans in so many ways in the recently released video of his performance at a private fundraiser event that it’s hard to keep count. Apparently if you are part of the 47 percent of Americans that don’t pay an income tax, a number which includes completely disabled veterans as well as seniors whose only income is Social Security, you’ll never be convinced “to take responsibility for your life.”

Wow. Imagine telling a limbless vet to stop relying on the government. Or telling a 90-year-old to drop their Social Security, after contributing something from every paycheck to that program for decades. Or telling someone who works 40 hours a week for poverty wages that they aren’t giving enough.

Perhaps Mitt has spent so much time and effort trying to avoid paying his own incomes taxes, he’s a little bitter towards those who have that part easy?

But there’s a bigger problem even than the sum of the insults to so many Americans that Romney dishes out (on gold plates) to his supporters: if you can afford a $50,000 dollar dinner, you get to ask him questions, and you get an honest response.

If 50 grand for one meal is a bit out of your price range, well, then, you’re just another sucker at the wrong end of what may amount to the first billion-dollar political advertising campaign (paid for by those who can afford the $50K meal). You will never hear Mitt being this honest or candid anywhere else — he would never be elected if he were. Beyond the spinelessness of not saying what he really believes in public lies this issue: we now have inarguable proof that Romney will say one thing to his supporters and something different to everyone else.

In other words, this video shows that his entire candidacy is a purposely deceitful ruse. It’s not just that the Romney campaign is lying– there’s been plenty of that. It is that they know you would not vote for this guy if you actually knew what he thought, so they’ve created a public image that has nothing to do with what’s underneath. Ethics question for marketing majors: would you help push a product by selling it as something you know it is not?

And the deficiencies of this product are manifest: Mitt Romney is arrogant, possesses no self-awareness of the advantages he’s had, and believes that people aren’t rich because they don’t work hard. If you are not rich, your opinion is worthless. He thinks he’s better than you because he’s rich. And he thinks seniors on Social Security and disabled vets are just not willing “to take responsibility for their lives.” Worse than all that, he thinks Americans generally would be lazy moochers if they could — that all of us who aren’t rich now have no work ethic.

If you are not rich now, voting for Mitt means you’re insulting yourself. And admitting you’re a sucker.

Brian Brown