CU-Boulder alum builds ride-share site to boost voting
Election Deadlines

Oct. 9: last day for voter registration

Oct. 15 – 19: mail-in ballots will be sent out

Oct. 22: early voting begins

Nov. 6: election day

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Source: Brad Turner of the Boulder County Clerk & Recorder’s Office

E ven when University of Colorado alumnus Seamus James was in college, he did not fit the profile of an apathetic voter.

James, 30, said he has been voting since he turned 18 and is always finding ways to improve the young adult turnout with voting.

This year, James said he is hoping his new website will help voters overcome transportation challenges by sending more people to the polls.

The web developer launched a ride-share site for elections,, two weeks ago in an attempt to connect car-less voters with commuters who are willing to help carpool them to the polls during election season.

“There are some people who are trying to make it harder for voters to get to the polls,” James said. “This is my attempt to throw a wrench in the system and improve voter turnout.”

The site is modeled after Craigslist, giving anyone in the country an opportunity to post carpool information. There’s no sign-up or account required, he said.

Visitors type in a zip code, choose a radius, date and timeframe and the site produces commuters in the area who match the information.

James said the site has already seen almost 100 posts since its launch on Sept. 19.

Longmont resident Nea Sullivan posted offers last week to drive voters to and from polls in the Longmont and Boulder areas on Election Day, Nov. 6.

Sullivan said she feels very strongly about the right to vote and wants to do anything she can to promote voting.

“I’m a nurse, and I’ve seen so many people, especially the elderly or disabled people who can’t get out on their own and vote because they don’t have a ride,” Sullivan said. “Many of those people don’t have the resources or knowledge to ask for mail-in ballots either, so it’s just something I could do to help them.”

Besides a few tweaks and maintenance to the site, James said it’s basically self-sufficient allowing postings to continue for future presidential or smaller local elections.

While his main goal is to increase voting, regardless of political affiliation, James said he believes the program is more likely to help President Barack Obama and democrats in future elections.

James said he thinks the site will affect mostly young people, minorities and lower to middle class people, who, he predicts, are more likely to vote democratic.

CU students living on campus will have convenient polling locations on the Boulder campus on Nov. 6, including Libby Hall and Darley Commons, said Brad Turner, of the Boulder County Clerk & Recorder’s Office. The University Club, across from the University Memorial Center, will be another polling location and a voter service center and early voting site, he said.

Steve Fenberg, executive director of New Era Colorado, said there are many obstacles that Americans claim keep them from the polls, including registration deadlines, apathy and transportation.

“In the long run, our democracy will be better and both parties will benefit if more people vote,” Fenberg said.

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