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  • CU students writing on the Awesome Board at the UMC...

    Photo provided.

    CU students writing on the Awesome Board at the UMC Thursday.



University of Colorado entrepreneurs are hoping students will brave the cooler temperatures to write on the white board that is currently standing in the University Memorial Center fountain area.

The Active Entrepreneurs club — a group of CU students and alumni who have launched their own companies or organizations — received a $1,000 grant from the Awesome Foundation of Boulder to give students a place to write their comments and ideas.

The Awesome Board project includes a four-sided white board encouraging passers-by to contribute to a bucket list, a mural, share business ideas and what they would do with $1,000.

Fletcher Richman, head of the Active Entrepreneurs, said the project is intended to raise awareness about the club and encourage innovative thinking on campus.

“We threw around the word ‘awesome’ a lot, but this is meant to be awe-inspiring,” Richman said. “We just want to give people a place to share their ideas or thoughts and see what comes out of it.”

Thursday morning the cold weather kept students from stopping at the board and left the project with a slow start with only a few comments.

One student added “get laid in the Norlin stacks” to the bucket list and another included an idea to project song titles onto a car windshield. 

The club will hold its next meeting Monday at 6 p.m. in ATLAS room 229. Richman said the meeting will begin with a presentation from the student-launched company Lokalite, which started an interactive, online event calendar that launched last fall.

Following the presentation, Lokalite will explain a challenge they’re facing and the group will share feedback and ideas on the company’s hurdle.

“We really focus on growing companies that have already been launched,” Richman said. “It’s easy to get started but the challenge is growing your idea after you’ve started the company.”

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