A s an old, weary 23-year-old, I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity of a cold beer and good music.

No need for strobe lights, tight jeans and a shot line-up guaranteed to leave you waking up on the bathroom floor. The liquor-coated bar tops and intoxicated circus are best enjoyed sparingly.

Of course, I’ve gotten to the point where my recent outing to a shwanky bowling alley in the mountains was a thrill. Officially “mayor” of said establishment on FourSquare, I’ve realized how sad my night life has become.

And I’m the young one of the group.

No need to be that lame.

But sometimes the balls-to-the-walls mentality needs a weekend off, and the music ‘n’ drinking lovin’ can come out to play.

So I’ve gathered up the details on a few ways to get you some front-row options this weekend. I’ve even got a few lacking the 21-and-up red rope for you youngins out there.

Let’s start on campus.

Your Program Council has got a line-up at Club 156 ready and raring to get you hip-hop lovers ready to rap.

Def.Rhymes.Devine, along with Juke Jointed, Manny Moonz and C-Def. All ready to bring the beats Saturday at 8:30 p.m.

No commute necessary, nor any cold lines that make you regret that low-cut tank top. Just good music and good friends, conveniently campus-adjacent.

Info: Def.Rhymes.Devine at Club 156, inside the UMC Connection, at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday.


Looking to venture out? Step inside Boulder Theater and into some music that’s got all-ages appeal. It’s Dark Star Orchestra‘s attempt to “raise the Dead,” bringing back the Grateful Dead’s collection with their own flair — a throwback worthy of one of your precious weekend nights.

Info: Dark Star Orchestra, Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m. at Boulder Theater, 2023 14th Street.


But hey, don’t count Pearl Street out. While the fishbowls may stay on their shelves, the Walrus Saloon is still there for Friday night fun. Highway 50‘s going to hit the stage, and they’ve got some music blending up a whole mess of genres, jazz, pop and ska included.

Let’s let the band catch your attention rather than the always-captivating swinging ring game. Amusing, yes, but usually only in a vodka-inspired state of mind.

Info: Live music by Highway 50 at the Walrus Saloon, 1911 11th Street, this Friday.


And here’s a final option, staying true to my beer-loving roots. Parking Lot Duo is playing at West Flanders Brewing Company (have you checked it out yet?) this Friday at 5 p.m. A free show, flooded with cool brews far better than the Keystone pack chilling at home.

Another perk to this pit stop? They’ve got a new brew ready to pour out for you, brand undecided. Kinda like the princess in “Neverending Story.” All it needs is a name.

(Yes, I’m reveling in the nerdiness of that comment.)

Well that’s where you folk come in. Throw out your options, with the possibility of a free keg and bragging rights if yours is chosen.

You’ve got until Oct. 31.

Info: Parking Lot Duo playing at West Flanders Brewing Company on Friday at 5 p.m., 1125 Pearl Street


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