On-air next: Black Moth Super Rainbow, Invisible Things and more

Happy Tuesday aural astronauts, I have returned from the foreign planet of New York to bring you songs that will charm and astound your eardrums. The CMJ Music Marathon was even more of a racket than I could’ve ever imagined (in the greatest way possible, of course) and I can safely say I now know the true meaning of day drinking. As crazy as the city can be though, I must say that walking to this bus this morning listening to Califone and taking in the abundance of autumn colors was one of the more comforting experiences I’ve had this October. Only a reminder that we’re truly blessed to live in such a canvass-esqe place.

Now I’m not one to typically indulge in Fleetwood Mac, but the debut album Gentle Stream from The Amazing manages to combine all their simply delightful glory with psychedelic rock sounds from the 70’s. Mid-morning jams like “Flashlight” make these Tame Impala tour-mates as pleasant as a sunny October breeze.

Dandelion gum-chewers Black Moth Super Rainbow are back with a record that shows their harder, jammier side more than anything they’ve released to date. “Like A Sundae” warbles with giddiness while “Windshield Smasher” might be their biggest slow burner, chugging along with riffs that pay off in exciting ways.

Lastly for the math-heads in the room, Invisible Things’ Home IS the Sun is a banger for anyone who can appreciate the sounds of a snare smashed within inches of its life. Starting in more indie territory with “Before.The.Seventh.” the album quickly detours into free form guitar-drum jams, with songs like “Major.Counterpart” practically tearing apart at the seams.

Other additions include:

1. Ty Segall – Twins

2. Metz – Metz

3. Earlimart — System Preferences

Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190

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