On-air next: Bat For Lashes, Mac DeMarco and more
On-air next: Bat For Lashes, Mac DeMarco and more

As we enter the bizarre week ahead of us in which Halloween falls on a Wednesday, 1190 is proud to announce not only our fourth annual Local Shakedown compilation, but also the kickoff of our beloved Pledge Drive. Radio 1190 is made possible by the love and support from our dedicated audience, and to celebrate we’ll be holding a party at the Fox Theatre this Thursday, featuring local acts Colfax Speed Queen, ManCub, Achille Lauro and Rubedo to spread the Colorado magic. Come boogie down with your friends on the other side of the mic!

On the radio this week: Bat For Lashes brings out her more solemn side this week with the gray The Haunted Man. Showcasing her soft spot for cooing pianos with lead single “Laura,” the album’s peaks come with tracks like “Marilyn,” in which frontwoman Natasha Khan flaunts her Bjork-like ability to blend trip hop and balladry.

Swooping in from left field, Mac DeMarco’s 2 bounces along with all the absurdity of Ariel Pink but with a bassy stomp that would make George Clinton proud. Songs like “Ode to Viceroy” and “Dreaming” echo with thick guitar chorus effects, and even during the more droning moments the album never seems to lose its jolly stride.

Rounding out the week with a bang, P.O.S.s’ We Don’t Even Live Here brings hip hop with danceable beats front and center. Opener “Bumper” rattles its cage until the bars are all but rubble while “Wanted/Wasted” rides along on a sample so smooth you could roll a bowling ball off it.

Other additions include:

* Hands of Glory, Andrew Bird.

* Free Dimensional, Diamond Rings.

* Local Business, Titus Andronicus.

* In the Middle of Infinity, 3:33.

* East of Monument/The Road to the Crater, Half Film.

* Replicant, Wires Under Tension.

— Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190