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WEEKEND IN BOULDER: Ice rink at One Boulder Plaza opens
Zak Wood
WEEKEND IN BOULDER: Ice rink at One Boulder Plaza opens

W ell folks, I’m back as proud survivor of Vegas.

The flashing lights. The blatant drunkenness of other tourists. The strip club promoters asking if I was a fan of … certain aspects of the female anatomy — and as I looked down, I had to admit I was, as an owner of such.

It was … well, certainly an experience. A fast-paced, overpriced and slightly dirty one — and not in the good way — that I’m thrilled to have had, even though my bank account is still crying a sad, abused little song.

My favorite parts? Well, I insisted during our 12-hour drive that I have one of those obnoxious two-foot drinks you hang around your neck. But after coming face to face with one, I opted for the foot-long, not-quite-as-scary version, toting around my tropical something or other as we meandered down the strip.

But the best part was, by far, the Bellagio fountain show. Those things are just beautiful. I insisted we watch them at least four times, getting wet from the mist during the big finishes — bet y’all took that somewhere inappropriate, you dirty birds — and singing along, smiling like a goofy little child throughout each spectacular show.

I miss them already.

But enough about my shenanigans in Vegas and San Diego — yea, that last part as a bit of a surprise to us, too. It’s back to life as per usual.I’ve actually chosen to write this instead of unpack the suitcase that’s just sitting there in the corner. It’s about priorities, folks.

Now, as I lamented last week, events are slim, but I’ve still got a few things to send your way. If you don’t like ’em, you can send ’em right back.

For you Ron Burgandy fans, yes, I’m channeling “Anchorman.” A trip to San Diego — or the “Whale’s Vagina,” as it’s affectionately known, will do that.

First, my admission that perhaps I was too hasty to judge the holidays. There’s some good stuff coming up, I begrudgingly admit.

For example, the grand opening of the downtown ice rink at One Boulder Plaza at 10 a.m. Friday.

Now I’m not saying I’ll partake in this event — I’ve never done well on ice, regardless of the presence of sharp metal on my shoes — but I’ve always found local ice skating rinks just … fun.

And I encourage you more coordinated folk to head over, skates in hand, and enjoy this winter-y tradition.

Info: The grand opening of the downtown Boulder ice rink at One Boulder Plaza downtown, 10 a.m. Friday.

Buff up

Also downtown, the Pearl Street Stampede at 7 p.m. Friday, amping you all up for the Buffs match-up against Washington on Saturday.

Still heading to the game?

I applaud you.

Second, let me remind you that West End Tavern’s still got your ride there and back. Alcohol’s just the ticket for you lingering football fans.

Info: West End Tavern’s ride to the game. Meet at 926 Pearl St.


Winter brews

Another perk to the changing of seasons has been the swapping of beer taps in bars across town. Out with those summer ales and in with the darker, richer flavors of winter brews.

Taking that literally is Boulder Beer, with their Never Summer Ale, out until March.

Not sold yet? Well they’ve also got the Obovoid Oak-Aged Oatmeal Stout, a bittersweet and oh-so-smooth beer rich with a creamy off-white head — their words, not mine — that’s any dark-beer lover’s delight.

A stop there may be just the ticket.

Info: Boulder Beer, 2880 Wilderness Place.

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