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    Frank Abbatecola of Monroe Monroe. Photo: RebeccaMarie Reynolds


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What: Monroe Monroe Interiors EP Release Party

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: hi-dive, 7 S. Broadway, Denver; 303-733-0230

Cost: $8

More info:

M onroe Monroe will play the hi-dive this weekend to celebrate the release of the Denver band’s latest EP, Interiors. We emailed frontman Frank Abbatecola to get his thoughts on the EP, blowing up small venues with a big sound, and the endless comparisons to U2.

Tell me about Interiors. What’s different this time around, and what were you trying to capture, writing it?

Well, for starters we have two new members in the band, Danny and Andrew Aranow on guitar and drums, and they bring a completely new feel and dynamic to the band. Monroe Monroe is a much deeper, edgier band now, but we’ve been able to maintain or pop sensibility largely because I still do the bulk of the writing.

“The Salesman,” which is the opening track to Interiors, is a song we all wrote together after we played Red Rocks this past summer. After the show, we went back to our rehearsal space and decided we weren’t finished playing for the day. Out of nowhere this very large and beautiful song came to us. Danny started to mess around with the opening riff to the song and everything else just fell into place as quickly as it takes to listen to it. We made a few minor arrangement tweaks along the way, but not many.

As far as what we’re trying to capture … I’m not sure if there’s a real answer to that, I would say we’re a band that is song first and ego last, so whatever the feel of the song is we hold true as much as one can. Lyrics are always, always personal and that does take me a while to complete.

I know that early on you were inspired by the time you spent in Antarctica. Is that still an influence?

Not so much. Those days are long, long gone. What inspires me now is what surrounds me now. Sometimes I’ll dig into the past, but I try my best to keep in the moment with all things in life.

Do you get tired of the U2 comparisons? Early U2 comparisons are definitely a compliment, but Monroe Monroe is certainly its own thing.

Yeah. I would have to say NO to that. lol. Who would get tired being compared to one of the greatest bands of all time? Depending on my mood and how it’s delivered it might rub me the wrong way, but Monroe Monroe definitely has its own sound and I think with each album we develop that a bit more. Honestly, we just play what we play. There’s so many other bands in our sound that most people overlook or haven’t even heard of yet… It’s all good.

The music has an arena-rock energy, but your EP release party is at the hi-dive. It must be fun to blow those small rooms away.

Thank you… We hear that a lot from the press and I’m really not sure how to take it. It’s a complement obviously, but what do you do with a complement like that? Some of our best shows have been at The Meadowlark and others have been at the Ogden. The hi-dives and such of the scene are always a blast to play because there is so much energy in those rooms. We mostly feel bad for the fans because we are so, so loud, but it helps us get our message across of what we’re going for: arenas.

What else has the band been up to lately?

We started writing for the next record. We have one new song which has made the set already and a few more in the works. We’re busy boys. We’re trying to workout a deal for a video as well for “Sleepy Rose,” which you can find on the new EP. Searching for a booking agent and trying to make as many waves as we can. Hopefully, Interiors will help us out with all that.

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