VIDEO GAME REVIEW: ‘The Walking Dead: Assault’

F rom comics to graphic novels to television, “The Walking Dead” have infiltrated popular culture on a grand scale and show no signs of slowing down. “The Walking Dead: Assault” allows players to finally be able to play out the events as they happened in the original comics. With a gritty environment that mirrors the original story and unique gameplay mechanics, “The Walking Dead: Assault” seeks to immerse the player into its world. Is the game rigid from death or will it rise from the grave? Here’s our review.

“The Walking Dead: Assault” seeks to recreate the world of the comic both from a story and a visual standpoint. As soon as the game begins, the player is greeted with the black and white aesthetic that the comic is known for. The graphics are beautiful and are the perfect companion to the original serial. While the game is in black and white, objectives and items are highlighted by color so the player can’t miss them. The game is presented as a top down adventure game allowing the player to have a unique perspective on the world.

Unlike most games, “The Walking Dead: Assault” gives you complete control over the camera. “The Walking Dead: Assault” makes great use of the iPad’s touch screen and allows the player to rotate and focus the game’s camera however he sees fit, allowing for a consistent view of the action onscreen. While you will never get a close-up view of the characters from the series, the walkers and mayhem onscreen will create a truly terrifying experience.

The story in “The Walking Dead: Assault” begins just as the comic does. You begin the game as Rick Grimes awakes from his coma into a world that is overrun by walkers. Once you make it out of the hospital alive and complete the level, you unlock a new playable character. Completing levels unlocks characters from the series that you can use in battle. While the events unfold just as the comics, players can create a custom team of survivors, with each character possessing special and unique abilities. Having a team of Rick, Carl, Lori and Shane will play differently than a team consisting of Dale, Andrea, Glenn and Hershel. Experimenting with different team combinations is fun and creates new ways of playing the game.

Gameplay in “The Walking Dead: Assault” is exciting and fun. The game only allows the character to move so far at a certain time, and zombies are only able to be killed if they enter your characters parameter. Each character has a different level of proximity. Rick is good at long-range combat, while Shane prefers close combat. This subtle difference gives the characters in the game added personality.

Switching between characters is a pain and becomes very frustrating. The game would benefit from a more robust online mode. The music in the game is a bit much. The best part about “The Walking Dead” has always been its subtlety, so the music overpowers the gameplay and environment at times. The game, however, is at its best when you are cornered, surrounded by walkers, and low on ammo. This creates an experience that even rivals the source material.

“The Walking Dead: Assault” is a must-have for any fan of the series. Download today and see if you and your group can survive the walkers.

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