BOULDER THIS WEEKEND: Dance in the New Year

LAUGH IT UP So while I know a night of drinking (and subsequent falling, inappropriate gyrating, etc.) already makes us giggle like little school children, Shine Restaurant’s got something a little more structured in mind. Denver’s top comics — including Kelly MacLean, Jodee Champion and Talon Saucerman — are hitting Comedy Night, leading the laughter that’ll burn off those extra holiday calories. Bound to be good for a chuckle or two, and great way to get happy for the rest of your Friday night revelries. Head over Friday night from 7-10 p.m. It’s $8 for student tickets, located at 2027 13th Street.

GET TO PLANNIN’ Well, 2012 is dwindling, folks, with a much-anticipated build-up to the big climax Monday. My favorite holiday, as it were. And while we all blue-ball it till the stroke of midnight (yea … I went there), you need to figure your plans out. One option? The New Year’s Eve bash at Absinthe House, at 1109 Walnut St. A five-hour dance party replete with short dresses, libations and DJs designing beats to get that groove thing a-moving. Get your tickets now — find the link via their Facebook page — $15 (for champagne and party favors), or $20 (full open bar from 9 p.m.–midnight.).

SAY CHEESE Nostalgic, yes. I naively embrace the “in with the new” mentality Jan. 1 brings — and with it comes the rush to get things done for 2012 while it’s up and around. So why not hit up the Walrus Saloon this weekend, dressed to impress, and make their photo set? Check it off your Boulder to-do list. I made it on Halloween, living forever as Jasmine on their website, Seems they post pics from Saturday night shenanigans, so go live it up 2012-style, savoring each and every bit of the year’s end. And remember, that’s the night of $20 fishbowls, another local bar night classic. Located at 1911 Walnut St.

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