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A new job-posting website at the University of Colorado will open more doors for unemployed Buff by helping students nab positions at local and national startup companies.

CU junior Fletcher Richman, president of student group Active Entrepreneurs, is working with the Computer Science Undergraduate Advisory Committee to create, a site for that will include information about startup companies’ vacant jobs.

Fletcher said the idea was sparked when he read “Startup Communities,” a book authored by Boulder venture capitalist Brad Feld.

“Part of the book talked about how one of the most important things a university can do for its local startups is be a feeder and provide employees,” Richman said. “I realized that’s (CU’s) main service to the community, but that doesn’t mean we’re doing a good job of it.”

The students said they hope the resource will assist Buffs in find employment at unique companies, thus helping startups find fresh and creative employees.

Richman and four other students — including Danny Tran, Chris McClaskey, Adam Sunshine and Komran Rashidov — are using winter break to develop the site, which Richman described as “basic and nothing fancy.”

CU’s Career Services office also offers a job postings site for students, which lists openings from across various industries, including some startups.

Jon Schlesinger, assistant director for Career Counseling at CU, said as of Wednesday there were 27 jobs posted by employers described as “entrepreneurs,” and there have been more than 300 in the same category posted over the last several years.

More than 30 companies have already contacted the students about posting on, Richman said, and most of them have at least five positions to fill. Richman said this gives the website hundreds of postings before it even launches.

Lisa Severy, director of Career Services, said the office is supportive of all efforts that help Buffs find employment.

“We have the philosophy that any and all options for employment are great and should be explored,” Severy said. “Career Services can’t be the end-all and be-all for everyone, so we welcome innovative and created new options.”

Richman said the site’s premature success is mostly due to Feld, who posted about the upcoming site on his blog (

“He is really influential — not just in Boulder’s startup community, but across the nation,” Richman said. “He posted our survey that we’re doing to get it going and I think most of our interest has come from that and a couple of other blog posts.”

The site is expected to launch in late January, Fletcher said, just before CU’s fifth annual Startups 2 Students career fair, which gives students a chance to become acquainted with local companies.

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