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Atlas Purveyors has a monthly unlimited coffee pass. That's a lot of java.
Atlas Purveyors has a monthly unlimited coffee pass. That’s a lot of java.

T hat corner in Norlin where the wall hugs your back just right can be a convenient spot to fill your brain with new stuff. But as the semester passes you may need a break from campus.

Spice up your study sessions this spring by heading off campus.

The change of venue might crack open your mind a little more. Maybe you’ll discover that you’re a total genius.

OK, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For some exciting new views for that oversized brain of yours, try one of these five off-campus study spots.

Atlas Purveyors

1505 Pearl St.

This tech-geek friendly café is frequented by many CU students looking for a spot to caffeinate while sticking their nose in a book.

Sure, you can pop over to most coffee shops in Boulder for a cup o’ joe and some wi-fi but Atlas Purveyors has something they don’t, a monthly coffee pass.

For $99 per month, you can get unlimited drinks. That might sound like a lot of money for coffee, but if you’re a java fiend, you’ll likely spend at least that in a typical month.

Folsom Street Coffee

1795 Folsom St.

This spot requires a little more travel, but it’s still easily accessible by foot, bike or bus.

This lower-key spot is sometimes slightly less packed than spots on Pearl Street or the Hill.

Folsom Street Coffee offers a mix of sturdy chairs and fluffy seats and plenty of them. And once the weather warms up, their shaded patio provides a nice open-air venue for studying.

An interesting array of food and drinks will keep you fueled and the edgier atmosphere provides just the right balance of distraction and quiet.

Half-Fast Subs

1215 13th St.

Now that you’re buzzed on coffee, prepare to be distracted by the delicious smells and lively conversations around you when studying in one of Boulder’s fave sandwich shops.

This spot will not provide a quiet, focus-friendly atmosphere. But if it’s noise and socializing you seek during your study sesh (and sandwiches!), Half Fast has you covered.

Buchanan’s Coffee Pub

1301 Pennsylvania Ave.

Besides the yummy caffeine and free Wi-Fi, Buchanan’s is close to home for most students living on or near campus.

Located on the Hill, this coffeehouse has a small patio perfect for enjoying Boulder weather while attacking your assignments.

The tables and bars lining the inside are just right for a single studier or a small group. They leave little room for clutter, cutting down on distractions and increasing productivity.

The Cup

1521 Pearl St.

Another Pearl Street gem, The Cup is split to encourage some quiet — though silence is not what you’ll find in the front of this popular cafe.

The quieter room in the back of The Cup, though, provides some solace from the noise of a booming Boulder coffee house.

The coffee shop offers typical caffeinated treats and baked goods and has a decent selection of pre-wrapped salads and sandwiches.