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    Start the semester with some recipe inspiration. Your dishes don't have to be as fancy as these tacos at Q's, but these cooking sites will help you aim higher than ramen.



Another semester is about to begin, and for some students, that might mean stocking up survival staples like ramen and cereal.

Spicing up your food routine can be expensive and time consuming, especially for students with limited resources, but with the help of some online resources, you can incorporate new flavors while sticking to a tight budget.

My Fridge Food

We’ve all stood in front of our fridge, staring blankly at its contents thinking, “there’s nothing to eat here.”

This site will prove you wrong. Check the foods you already have. It will spit out a list of recipes you can make with what you have, followed by recipes that would only require one or two extra items.

Now you can use what you have to create new dishes without spending a dime.

All Recipes is a popular site where anyone can submit recipes. But what you might not know is that you can sign up for daily, weekly or seasonal emails, like recipe of the day, 25 days of holiday cookies or recipes on a budget.

Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes is a blog hosted by “Beth M,” self-proclaimed food lover and number-cruncher.

Beth blogs new recipes at least once a week, and she includes the overall cost of the dish, the cost per serving and the amount spent on each ingredient. (Her Jan. 5 post included a recipe for quinoa black bean tacos that cost her less than $1 per serving.) Most of her recipes are healthy; all are budget-friendly.

Confessions of a college cook

Confessions of a college cook is a blog written by a college student about her experiences in the kitchen.

While she often includes links to recipes, the author also discloses embarrassing cooking mistakes and food conundrums along with what she learned from those mistakes.

Her honesty will make you feel better about your own cooking skills and her realistic recipes are promising for amateur cooks.

Intern Kitchen

Intern Kitchen is a blog hosted by College Lifestyles, an online magazine for college students. The site’s interns provide cooking tips and recipes.

You can find everything from simple rice recipes to turkey soup and homemade hot apple cider, and the minimal ingredients help these recipes fit into any budget.

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