Indoor cycling programs with FasCat Coaching and Boulder Center for Sports Medicine begin this week, just in time for forecasted flurries in Boulder this weekend.
FasCat Coaching’s nine-week session begins Tuesday ($185 for the session, $20 per class) and Boulder Center for Sports Medicine classes began Monday (cost ranges from $120 to $240, depending on class time and coach).
Training indoors at least one day a week is good for structuring your week, said FasCat Coaching’s Frank Overton, since weather can be unpredictable.
“You have that one day a week where you don’t have to battle the weather,” Overton said. “You don’t have to worry about whether it’ll be too cold or if it’s even going to be daylight.”
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Boulder Center for Sports Medicine indoor cycling coordinator Lester Pardoe said an indoor class pairs well with other winter activities to give cyclists a “mental break” from the bike.
“We recommend things like snow shoeing, hiking, cross country skiing,” Pardoe said. “If a person rides a bike 12 months a year, they tend to get a little bunt out. It’s good to mix it up.”
Boulder Center for Sports Medicine Director of Sport Science Neal Henderson coaches his athletes to use outdoor training for longer endurance work during the winters, and to come inside for higher intensity training.
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