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As my friend and I sat engrossed in games on our phones, the Universal logo came up as the lead-in to “Jurassic Park.”

And boy, did it look … old.

A brief IMDB search later, and I realized that film came out the year my sister was born — 1993. The third, made in 2001, seems newer, right? Yea, that’s 12 years ago, folks.

So as we sipped our beer and watched the wheel spin on the Life game on her iPad, we looked at each other, feeling old. Really old.

Worse than that? As we took a step back and looked at our night, we also realized that perhaps we’d fallen into a bit of a rut entertainment-wise. The peak of our night had been racing the clock to get to Blockbuster on time, only to find we had an hour until closing time.

This hadn’t been the first we identified a lull in our social lives. When you can’t decide what bar in Longmont to go to because you’ve frequented them all too many times, and when bowling becomes your go-to so you don’t end up playing beer pong again at home, you may need to spice things up.

It’s why we have all those low-cut shirts, right?

My first suggestion? Absinthe House. It seems they’ve re-energized things too, adopting the warehouse feel for their Saturday night parties. Inspired by the underground scene, Absinthe is dropping international club beats, spun by DJs from across the country.

With its new lighting and full bar, the bar has a new groove to an off-Pearl classic.

Info: Warehouse Saturdays at Absinthe House, 1109 Walnut Street.


Before the Dog looses its booze…

Now, as every good athlete knows, you need to warm up before physical activity (aka. moshing/drunken grinding).

So tonight, get ready to bust a move. Trichome‘s blowing up the Lazy Dog Sports Bar and Grill at 10 p.m. An experience they call a “rowdy, high-energy dance party,” Trichome’s got a feel borrowed from Chromeo, Prince and Daft Punk, so they say.

Sounds like a good place to dust off the dancing shoes.

Best part? No cover. Just good times with boozing on the side.

NOTE: The Boulder establishment’s liquor license will be suspended for 20 days, beginning Monday and stretching to Feb. 9 — due to Underdog operations in basement. The Lazy Dog plans to remain open and serve food during its suspension.Info: Trichome at the Lazy Dog Sports Bar, 10 p.m., no cover. 1346 Pearl Street.


Miller time

Don’t worry, folks. I haven’t abandoned my beer obsession. And this time, it comes with a side of sports and a dash of winter enthusiasm.

Upslope Brewing’s tapped into y’alls snow-loving with a free screening of Warren Miller’s “Flow State,” paired with a silent auction promising new skis, a GoPro camera and Warren Miller gear.

Not sold yet? Well if you wear your gaper gear, you get $1 off your pints. Better yet? All proceeds from the raffle are headed straight to Life Turns — an organization that works with children living with medical challenges, giving them outdoor experiences to help them transform their lives.

Feel-good event, and not just because the whole thing’s rife with beer.

Info: Screening of Warren Miller’s “Flow State,” with a silent auction. The event starts at 5 p.m. with the film at 7 p.m. 1501 Lee Hill Road, No. 20.

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