University of Colorado-Boulder's Drew Scott runs during the 2012 USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Photo courtesy of Drew Scott
University of Colorado-Boulder’s Drew Scott runs during the 2012 USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Photo courtesy of Drew Scott

U niversity of Colorado-Boulder senior and triathlete Drew Scott fields tons of questions about his dad, six-time Ironman World champion Dave Scott.

But this year, the tables have turned.

Now, people want to hear about 22-year-old Drew and his own recent successes.

Last season, Boulder High graduate Scott finished first overall at the Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake, taking down amateurs and pros along the way. He won the amateur division at the Ironman 70.3 Boulder, Boulder Peak and Rev3 Anderson races, and took second overall at the USA Triathlon Olympic Distance Nationals.

For what USA Triathlon deemed a “breakthrough” season, Scott was named amateur triathlete of the year by the organization.

“It’s pretty special for me to be recognized,” Scott said. “I had a great year last year, and I know there are a number of other athletes that could easily have won, so to be recognized is special.”

When he’s not swimming, running or cycling, Scott is a full-time student at CU-Boulder studying political science. He’s a member of the CU triathlon team, which has won three consecutive national titles since 2010.

Scott said he swears he doesn’t mind talking about his dad.

But his mom, Anna Scott-Kube, and older brother, Ryan Scott, said this is Drew’s year.

“Drew was really able to break out and I think define himself a little bit more this past season,” said professional skier Ryan Scott. “If anything, it really gave him the confidence that he really needed to know what it takes to get up to that next level.”

Mom, Scott-Kube, who swam for the 1987-1988 U.S. national team and now coaches at Flatiron Athletic Club, agreed:

“He got in the limelight maybe earlier than other young athletes would have because of who his dad is, and it was great, but I think he realizes that fades fast if you don’t perform,” she said. “What he’s been able to do is consistently keep plugging away at doing well. He is ready to hold his own and not always be referred to as ‘Dave Scott’s boy.'”

Drew grew up swimming and Nordic skiing, and skied for his first two years of college at Montana State University. The Scott brothers, who are a year and a half apart in age, competed together in Bozeman before Drew decided to move back to Boulder to attend CU and race triathlons full time.

“While I was skiing, I would come home in May and jump back into doing triathlons,” Drew Scott said. “It was tough. I would do (triathlons) for a couple months and just have to stop for seven months and get into skiing.”

The CU triathlon team welcomed him, he said. His plan is to graduate in December 2013, and then pursue triathlons for at least a year after graduation.

Brother Ryan Scott graduated from Montana State last May and has been living and training in Vail, even competing for the U.S. Ski Team this season. The two were close growing up, and Ryan says he “haggled” his brother plenty, which is “why he’s so tough now,” he added, laughing.

Now, older brother Ryan commends Drew for his methodical and persistent work ethic.

“He knows what he has to accomplish every day and he’s pretty good at tracking his progress over time so he can see what works and what isn’t working,” Ryan Scott said. “His strength is his discipline and not being distracted and just staying on task all the time.”

Dad Dave Scott helped Drew put together a basic-training program, while mom Scott-Kube swims with Drew two to three times a week. Though his parents are separated, Drew says he garners valuable training advice from both.

Scott-Kube said as a young boy, Drew Scott announced that he would be a professional football or basketball player when he grew up.

Professional triathlete isn’t far off, Scott-Kube said. While his focus has shifted to a new sport, his goals haven’t changed a bit, she said.

“He’s fun to share a lane with,” Scott-Kube said. “I treasure having that time with him.”

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