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WEEKEND IN BOULDER: Lazy Dog’s end of ‘prohibition’ party
Zak Wood
WEEKEND IN BOULDER: Lazy Dog’s end of ‘prohibition’ party
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I have had a crisis, as of late, regarding my career path. While I’m hopelessly in love with journalism, it’s not exactly flourishing.

In telling my friends this, they ask what else I know.

Intriguing question, considering my degrees were in English and journalism — both strong industries at the moment. My minors are even more profitable. Business and history. I made wise choices, you see.

Now, this isn’t to say I regret any of it. (Obsessively) loved is more like it.

To hell with PlayStation or outdoor activity. I’ve got TV shows on DVD and an unhealthy literature collection to keep me occupied.

But it’s also tainted me — even in my social life. I’m the grammar freak, word corrector, history facts buff. I very much earn my “nerd alert” status among my friends.

The students I spoke to during my guest lectures at ol’ University of Colorado know this. It all comes out in geek, with a hint of crazy and a dash (or wheel barrow-full) of inappropriate.

Course, readers of this column know that.

Well, to get to my very far-fetched point loosely connected to these ramblings: A local bar ensnared that history-lover in me with its event name.

The “End of ‘Prohibition’ Party” at the Lazy Dog Sports Bar and Grill. Tap the kegs and pop open the alcohol.

The booze is a-flowin’ again.

Good for your Saturday night. Bad for your hangover status Sunday.

But if you choose to embrace the dog that done gone to town on yo’ ass, Sunday’s chock-full of drink specials to keep the buzz going.

Info: End of “Prohibition” Party at the Lazy Dog Sports Bar and Grill, with taps opening at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday night until 2 p.m., and specials Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Run for the booze

Looking for a more productive end to your weekend? Drop the fast-food hangover cure and instead tie on your running shoes.

Avery’s got their “Earn Your Brew” Sunday “Run Day” bright and early. Run from 3.5 to 5.5 miles and get a pint.

Good motivation, I’ll admit. Even this lump would brave a jog for a cold one.

Info: Sunday Run Day with Avery Brewing, starting at the Avery Tap Room, 5763 Arapahoe Ave., (303-440-4324) at 10 a.m. on Sunday.


Fat Tuesday

In need of a workout mix to run to? Snag this month’s free monthly mix from The Walrus, 1911 11th St., (303-443-9902). They’ve got those archaic “CDs” at the door, or free downloads from their website:

And because I’m struggling this week, I’m throwing this last event out there without some catchy, sexually-driven lead-in.

Centro Latin Kitchen, 950 Pearl St., (303-442-7771), in prepping for the far-from-sober Fat Tuesday, has concocted a menu rife with Latin style and specials from Saturday ’til Tuesday.

Included: Seafood medley plates, liqueur mixes and a drink called the “Busty Batida.”

I’m a child. “Busty” caught my eye.

Interested? Read the full menu at

And for you lovers out there, get ready for a week of chocolate-induced acne, over-used credit cards and, if you play your cards right, a latex-filled evening. Happy Valentine’s, folks. I’ll see you post-fake holiday.

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