Boulder High graduate and Boulder Nordic Junior Racing team alum Miles Havlick competes during the 2012 NCAA Championships for the University of Utah. Photo by Kory Mortensen/Utah Athletics.
Miles Havlick

Havlick finished No. 1 in the 20K classic, and No. 1 in the 10K freestyle this weekend at the Utah Invitational.

Boulder native and 2008 Boulder High graduate Miles Havlick remembers his days with the Boulder Nordic Junior Racing Team fondly.

But now, Havlick is finishing his collegiate career at Utah, where he followed his father Scott and brother Ian as a Ute.

Last season, Havlick won the national title in the 20K classic, took second in the 10K freestyle race and helped lead his team to a second-place finish, topping Colorado by one point. He was named Ski Racing Magazine’s men’s Nordic Collegiate Skier of the Year for the second season in a row after getting on the podium at nine of 10 races last season.

This year, he’s yearning to help his team get a national title before graduation.

You had a really successful season last year. What’s left on your checklist as a senior?

I really was hoping to qualify for some world cups earlier in the season in December and January, but that didn’t happen. I wasn’t skiing super fast then, but looking ahead I really want to do well at nationals again. We have a really strong team this year, and things are starting to come along and as a team captain too, it’s awesome to motivate the younger guys and hopefully we can win that team championship.

What are your plans for after you finish school?

I don’t really know right now. I have to finish up this summer so I won’t be graduating until August but I’m going to see how the season ends and make some decisions from there, but hopefully I’ll keep skiing.

I’m studying exercise physiology, so I’d like to get involved with that, and possibly do a master’s somewhere and maybe even try to go to medical school if everything falls into place.

Sounds like you really like school… how do you balance skiing with studies?

I mean it’s hard to balance it with skiing right now, but I enjoy learning — especially something that I’m interested in. It works well with skiing.

I try to make school come before skiing as much as possible. Get all the school work done and then work training around that and miss as few classes possible. It’s difficult this time of year. I try to keep (my classes) all on the same days but it’s difficult now because there are classes that I have to take so my schedule doesn’t always work perfectly.

Have you changed your training regimen or diet this season?

It’s pretty much the same. I’ve definitely upped my training load a little bit from last season. That’s kind of normal to do because I’m getting older and I can handle a bit more training. I understand my body better and better every year and I know when I can train harder. My diet is pretty much the same, I just try to eat healthy.

How often do you get home to Boulder?

I actually haven’t been able to get home very much. I was home for a few days over Christmas, but other than that I haven’t been back to Boulder. I’ve been taking summer classes out in Utah, so I spend a lot of time out here. My parents have been very, very supportive of my skiing. They come to almost every race. They really enjoy skiing themselves, so that’s pretty fun to see them as often as I do.

Do you have your sights set on Sochi for the 2014 Olympics?

I do. 2014 is a goal that’s within reach for me. I need to race. I need to race well the rest of this season, and get my points lower in the international ranking as well as the U.S. ranking. Then my qualification criteria is the early part of next season, so there are some races over Thanksgiving and December that I really need to ski well at, as well as U.S. nationals in early January and hopefully I can prove myself from there.

But I just really need to train more and be smart about it. I’m also throwing around the idea of maybe going to Norway and training with some of my teammates over there where skiing is really popular and where the best guys in the world are.


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