Whitney Bryant
Support is being provided to the residents of CU’s Libby Hall during a meeting tonight after a death Tuesday night. Whitney Bryen/ Colorado Daily

The University of Colorado is offering support to the residents of Libby Hall following a death in the dorm on Tuesday night. 

Libby residents received an email around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday inviting them to a “brief gathering” that will include “various Residence Life staff and campus resources staff,” the email stated. 
About 400 CU students live in the dorm. 
On Wednesday morning, CU Police announced an initial investigation into the death of a man found in Libby Hall Tuesday night. There were no obvious signs of foul play, said CU Police spokesman Ryan Huff via email. The Boulder County Coroner’s Office will release the man’s name once he has been identified and family members have been notified.

The university’s email to Libby residents said there was a death in the dorm and included a link to information released by CU Police on Tuesday night.The email also included a link with advice from CU’s Victim’s Assistance website about caring for yourself in grief.

Residents said they hope the meeting will ease tensions in the dorm by providing some clarity about Tuesday’s incident.
Libby resident Dayton Clark said the only information she had about the death was from local news media and word of mouth. 
“I haven’t heard anything officially,” Clark said. “Everything is through the grapevine.”

Residents said the unknown details has made some students uneasy, despite confirmation by CU police that the death was not suspicious.
“It’s definitely scary because this is where you live,” Clark said. “It’s hard to handle these kinds of things.”
Libby resident Easton Watumull said confirmation might provide some relief for nervous students but details won’t ease the sadness felt by students who knew the victim. 
“It’s a small community and you see everyone around so it’s sad when someone you see one day isn’t there the next,” Watumull said.

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