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Last week, a Daily Camera story on Rocky Flats and the Jefferson Parkway included the following quote:

“People want to think that it’s over, that it’s clean, that we don’t need to think about it anymore — and that is absolutely not the case,” Kristen Iversen said from New York on Wednesday. “There are so many people who don’t know anything about Rocky Flats and know nothing about the environmental effects of building nuclear triggers there.”

Kristen Iverson is the author of “Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats.” She has been traveling the U.S. talking about her book. People are buying and enjoying her book because it is an absorbing story, and they are learning about the health effects of nuclear radiation at the same time. Her story has influenced Coloradans who are opposed to the Jefferson Parkway project — a highway that would be built along the eastern edge of Rocky Flats — the most contaminated side of the Flats. It is plutonium that is the contaminant of greatest concern. It just takes one miniscule particle breathed in to result in possible lung cancer in 20 years.

As Kate Bush sings in “Breathing,” “Chips of plutonium are twinkling in every lung.”

Another way to learn more about what went on at Rocky Flats that created so much contamination and concern is to join us for one last atomic film, “Dark Circle,” at Left Hand Bookstore, close to the southeast corner of Pearl and Broadway in Boulder, before the store closes for good in April. The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center in partnership with the bookstore will show it Tuesday evening at 7.

The film is a 1982 documentary that won the grand prize that year at the Sundance Film Festival. Much of the movie focuses on Rocky Flats and its dark bomb-making connections between nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Every pit, the core of a nuclear weapon, in the U.S. nuclear arsenal was fabricated at the Rocky Flats plant over 40 years. The film is a classic and unfortunately is more relevant than ever as the U.S. Department of Energy jockeys to be able to produce new weapons, Iran is being accused of being on its way to producing nuclear bombs and North Korea is rattling its nuclear sabers.

And, business interests are pushing hard to bulldoze the eastern side of Rocky Flats.

See the film and join the resistance.

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