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WEEKEND IN BOULDER: Ghost Face Challenge at Boulder’s Twisted Pine Brewery
WEEKEND IN BOULDER: Ghost Face Challenge at Boulder’s Twisted Pine Brewery
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Now, I’m not advertising this, per se …

More just saying that it exists as a way to spend a mellow weekend day. Maybe one with forecasted dreary weather.

And well, while half my weekends I sit under the fluorescents of our newsroom, when I do venture out lately, it seems my group has taken up this hobby every now and again.

More now, than again. (Ah, my reservation for a New Belgium tour just came through …)

Like last weekend, when we stumbled across a delicious margarita deal at lunch. Or two-for-one drafts the weekend before.

Huh. Well … you call it a problem. I call it Grade A good times.

And for those of you saying to yourself, “Now she’s got it right. Who needs a liver anyway?” have I got a few things coming up for you.

I’m also a little worried. For all of us.

First up, a spooky treat from your pals over at Twisted Pine Brewery.

The Ghost Face Challenge — not to be confused with the O-Face Challenge you boys face each time you “get lucky” (here’s hoping she does, too) — involves the following: one 10-inch cheese pizza (smothered with Ghost Peppers) and one Ghost Face Killah. Oh, and a tough stomach, because in this challenge, all must be consumed in 5 minutes.

Along with “God that was a bad idea” thoughts and a large belch no woman will find attractive, winners will walk away with a special Ghost Face Killah T-shirt and a photo on the Twisted Pain Wall of Fame.

Plus, those carbs can then buffer your tum-tum for the remainder of your day.

Info: Twisted Pine’s Ghost Face Challenge, all-day Friday for $15, 3201 Walnut St.


Beer week

Now, for my true readers, you’re probably saying that I talked about that last week in a box previewing Colorado’s Craft Beer Week.

You four to six people would be right.

But that’s not stopping me from doing it again.

West End Tavern’s got a brew or two this weekend that they’re bringing out special for this fine week of beer indulgence.

Friday, we’ve got the New Belgium Rampant Imperial IPA flooding out of taps, with a New Belgium rep in the house (potential for swag here).

And Saturday, well, let’s just say true boozies may want to head over. Along with their Week Sauce beer tapping out that day, Left Hand’s hosting a beer-for-a-year giveaway.

Win that, and you’ve got a growler you can fill up once a week for free for a year.

All the better to freely fill those beer pong cups. (Even with our many games the other night, my fridge is still bursting with Coors. I’m starting to wonder if some kind of magic is refilling it …)

And for all you ballers out there — put those stupid gold chains away, folks, I mean basketball lovers — West End’s got March Madness deals to offer.

For the duration of college football madness, you can find the games up on their flat screens, with $3 “Hops,” (AKA the IPA of the day), $4 cups of cherry-infused bourbon and ginger *shudder* and $5 Alley-Oops. Allow me to decode the cute-sy. That’s a shot of bourbon with a pilsner back.

Drinking on the cheap. It’s how I roll.

Info: Craft Beer Week’s end and March Madness deals at West End Tavern, 926 Pearl St.

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