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What: Milo Greene

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder

Cost: $14

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M ilo Greene has had an excellent year. The band — no, it’s not one person — has been on tour for more than a year in support of its self-titled debut album. The self-described cinematic pop band has been wooing fans with its pretty indie rock, a short film titled “MODDISON” and some beautiful music videos.

Milo Greene is headed to Boulder for a show at the Fox Theatre this Saturday, so we caught up with singer and multi-instrumentalist Graham Fink to see how the road was treating the band after all this time, and what’s up next.

Milo Greene has had a busy, successful year, huh?

Yeah, it’s been pretty wild. We haven’t really stopped for the last year and a half. Hopefully, later in the year we’ll get some down time.

How’s touring been treating you? I saw mention of a terrible cold and some frozen yogurt on the blog recently.

It’s fun. It’s always a combination of exhaustion and adventure and fun and silliness. We’re all kind of running on low sleep at this point, but I think we’re all revitalized by being in the home stretch and knowing we’ll be home soon.

I also saw a story about the band hanging out with some fans in Seattle. Do you do that a lot?

That was maybe a full year ago. We were playing in Seattle and we sent out a tweet and a couple girls invited us to their house for dinner and we kind of showed up. It was fun and we had a bonfire in their backyard.

Were there any other times like that?

That was the main one that I remember. In San Diego, one time, we didn’t have anywhere to stay and we all ended up staying with different fans that responded and let us stay in their houses. This guy hit me up with a California burrito, so that was really great.

Are you working on the next record?

We’re gonna be working on the next record any chance we get. We have about three weeks at home in Los Angeles to rest and write and get ourselves back to normal, then we’re going to Europe for a little under a month with Cold War Kids, which is gonna be really exciting. Then we’re coming home and doing festivals and stuff.

I must be hard to find time to write when you’re that busy touring.

Yeah, it’s difficult. But, you know, we’re all excited to be writing again. We’re definitely gonna carve out time throughout this year to really focus on it. It’s just going to be a combination. It’s the life you choose, going on tour and finding time to create.

It’s early in the process, but do you have any idea where the next album is going?

We all have an idea. The beauty of this band is that it’s a collective and we’ve got different sensibilities and head spaces, and it’s hard to say until we all sit down and go through our ideas and go through the bits and pieces that we like. When we all unpack our musical bags, we’ll have a sense of what’s going on for the next year. It’ll still be centered around our vocals and the harmonies that we can create … I definitely think we’ll push it in a new direction and there will be a continuous style.

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