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It’s (almost) official.

I’m old.

Saturday marks the big two-four, and while I can’t say I’m enthused about creeping closer to 25 (aka: ancient — my 25-and-older friends may now commence kicking my ass), aging does afford me a few perks.

Like my coffee dependency, increased alcohol consumption and utter lack of current fashion trends.

Bitching about bills, those dang kids taking up my room at the bars (sorry, folks) and not knowing who’s who on my Facebook feed because everyone’s got their married names. It’s all becoming more kosher each year I put on.

While my birthday is far from my favorite thing, this weekend’s got a few that are.

Like free stuff, dressing up and alcohol appreciation. And sex.

I joke. Sort of. We’ll see. Because while you may not lose it if you don’t use it, you get cranky.

Back on topic.

Let’s start with the free stuff.

Or more specifically, free tunes.

West Flanders Brewing Company (1125 Pearl St.) is playing host to Esther Sparks and The Whiskey Remedy from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m., paired with delicious craft brews, of course.

Plus, it’s early enough to be a pre-game stop. Pregaming with dark beer is a recipe for vomit-covered disaster, though. What? Shhhhhhh …

Beer TV

Not feeling the music scene? Fair enough. Avoid socializing (ya bum) and stay home. Turn on the computer, crack open a PBR and get the flab a-forming while you get educated. On beer.

PBS — that’s right, PBS — is launching a beer-centric show on Saturday night. Tune in at 9:30 p.m. for “Colorado Brews,” a program dedicated to diving into Colorado’s vast beer culture.

It’ll have all the good stuff: food and beer pairing, home brewing, beer festivals and brewing technology. If the pilot goes well, the creators have 13 episodes foaming with beer fun.

National Beer Day

More beer, you ask? OK. I’m here for you, my fellow boozers.

In fact, the whole nation is.

It’s National Beer Day on Sunday.

Nothing too official, just a day to love and cherish beer.

And while all of us honor this hop-filled elixir of the gods at least a few days a week, this one day is your official excuse to indulge.

True beer fans always find a reason. For a drink, for a party, for isolated drunkenness. Whatever floats your boat.

Poofy sleeves, feathered hair

I leave the best, neon-colored, cone-covered boobie event for last.

It’s Friday Night Formal 1980’s at The Sink (1165 13th St.), from 10 p.m. to close.

Live music, ’80s drinks — whatever that means — and costumes. God that’s fantastic. So get the hair scrunchies, lime green pants and Thriller dance moves dusted off. Because the best costumes in the joint will snag 2 tickets to the Fox Theater.

Theme parties are the best, and public ones are even better. (And no, I don’t count passing out outside while attending a theme party.)

Here’s to a grand ol’ weekend.

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