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Now, Now. Photo: Shervin Lainez.
Now, Now. Photo: Shervin Lainez.
If you go

What: Now, Now and The Lonely Forest

When: 9 p.m. Thursday

Where: Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer St., Denver, 303-291-1007

Cost: $12-$15

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Here’s how the press materials describe the second LP, Threads, from indie rock trio Now, Now.

Threads … explores the fragile and often transitory nature of our existence, our perceived understanding of the world around us and relationships shared with others physically and emotionally. Threads forms a sprawling sonic endeavor that showcases the bands incredible growth as songwriters and musicians.”

It goes on in shimmery detail and paints a lovely picture. It’s strange because the band is pretty young. The transitory nature of existence isn’t something you expect Cacie Dalager, Jess Abbot and Brad Hale when you look at them. Talking to Dalager certainly doesn’t sound like that — not that she isn’t thoughtful. She just talks about that growth a little more casually.

“I’m proud of our older material. I’m still happy with what we’ve done, but at the same time, you can only hope that you’re writing will evolve as you grow and learn more,” she said. “I don’t know, it’s hard to tell when you’re in it, you know? I’m sure that it has changed. I kind of hope that we’re not writing the same thing over and over. It’s hard to tell from the inside.”

Four years between full-length records, with an EP in between, wouldn’t be a conversation point for many bands. But a lot has changed for Now, Now. The band formed when Dalager and Hale were fresh out of high school, so four years would mean maturing, whether or not they were touring the country. But after the 2008 debut Cars, that’s what they were doing. They also brought Abbot on board just before the 2010 EP Neighbors.

By the time they were writing and recording Threads, the game had changed.

“A lot of things were different. We were just a duo, initially. It was just Brad and I since high school. For this album we added Jess, and it was the first we had actually gone into a studio,” Dalager said. “For our first full-length, we recorded in — it was basically just a shack with one recording booth in it. We recorded in July or August and there was no A.C., so we were basically in a wood sauna. We usually just recorded stuff in Brad’s basement, and it was the first time we were in actual studios and the first time we left home to record and the first time we’d worked with a producer.”

With all three band members writing and Howard Redekopp producing (he’s also worked with Tegan and Sara and New Pornographers), Threads turn out as a sweet display of swirling layers of guitars, synths and vocal harmonies, with just enough bitterness to keep you from getting a toothache (see: “Oh. Hi.”).

Now, Now has been on the road for a year now, with just one month off in the summer. When they finally hit the brakes in a month, Dalager said they’ll get to work on the next record. The final leg of the tour, which brings them to the Larimer Lounge Thursday, has them co-headlining with The Lonely Forest. Go and hear what growth sounds like.