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On-air next: Kurt Vile, The Knife, Lilacs & Champagne
On-air next: Kurt Vile, The Knife, Lilacs & Champagne

Greetings music friends, this snow is squashing my springtime whimsy right now, but fortunately the onslaught of awesome April albums marches on, so hopefully 1190’s additions to rotation this week elevate your mood.

The long-haired master of vibes himself, Kurt Vile, has returned with his most ambitious and successful record yet. Wakin on a Pretty Daze takes a more effects-laden approach to Vile’s slumbery songwriting style, integrating his John Fahey-esqe fingerpicking into a warm bed of reverb and sighing vocals, and the resulting album is impossible not to smile at, even as the tracks jam on for sometimes 7-plus minutes.

In other highly anticipated news, The Knife has finally reemerged with an epic, hour and a half Shaking the Habitual. Loaded with slow-burners that still maintain the clubby bounce of their earlier material, but also venturing into more abstract territory, Shaking the Habitual is an album that succeeds completely on its own terms.

Lastly on the more underground side, Lilacs & Champagne’s new record Danish & Blue is a heady journey into some nightmare vision of a vacation that would make the Avalanches proud, if not a little frightened. Digging up tropical samples and distorting them into submission while piling on the neck-dangling beats, Danish & Blue is a disorienting, but one that refuses to let you look away.

Other additions include:

* Dawn of Delight, Tropical Popsicle.

* Transcendence, Jaimeo Brown.

* This is the Sound of…, Drazy Hoops.

— Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190

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