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As we sat in the booth at Old Chicago, wrapping up our first round of their Cinco de Mayo tour (second round for the special-edition shirt still up for discussion), I realized something: We were in a rut, socialization-wise.

When you know the Old C’s waiters in two locations, you go too much.

And if the last time you “partied” in public was for your friend’s Ugly Sweater party in December, you’ve been in hibernation too long.

Booze columnist to the rescue.

“We need a night to just get slutty and dance it out,” I said to my girlfriends at the table.

*Silence and raised eyebrows*

But seriously, I insisted, it was time to let the ladies out — yes, I’m talking about breasts, gentlemen — and leave the winter layers at home. Eventually, my persuasion — and our third beer — got ’em considering my plan, with a subsequent discussion on what tall girls like me wear instead of heels, and how we’d pay for this night of debauchery on less-than-nothing paychecks.

Psssh. Details.

But for you hip folk that haven’t lamed out yet, Absinthe House (1109 Walnut St.) is already thinking big on how to party hardy Saturday night.

Pukka Up, a party boat company in Ibiza, is marking its 10th anniversary. Ten parties in 10 nightclubs in 10 countries around the world, all on the same night. And Absinthe is one of the only parties happening in North America.

With no cover, drink specials, dancers and all the best beats from the Absinthe House team, it’s a night to recall in bits and pieces the morning after. They’re advertising Red Bull specials, because let’s face it: If we’re gonna go out, we may as well be out of control.

Head over early — there’s bound to be the blocks-long line — and get ready to dance. With good weather ahead (so long as Colorado avoids another mood swing), Absinthe’s rooftop is open from 4 to 8 p.m.

But hey, maybe you’re looking for a more low-key night. Who needs half-naked women and men unafraid to rub their business against you?

Instead, as part of E-Days on campus, the Program Council — along with the CU Engineering Council — is hosting Twiddle, a free concert at Buffalo Plaza at 7 tonight.

An eclectic quartet with a sound that blends jazz, bluegrass, reggae and funk, Twiddle’s got beats sure to make for an interesting night.

All part of our support for those engineering men and women sure to make double what us liberal arts folk do.

Now I know planning ahead isn’t cool. But as we get older, it’s future events that give us something to wake up for and work toward.

That said, you should snag your tickets for June’s 4th Annual Boulder SourFest, hosted by Avery Brewing.

An event sure to sell out fast, it’s got a host of brews to make you pucker up. As they say in New Belgium, there’s a three-sip test to acclimate your palette. My friend tapped out at two.

So set your resolves and get tickets while you can, starting Friday, at

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