• Star nosed mole: Spirit animal of Nate Cook.

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    The Yawpers rocking The Bayou at South By Southwest in Austin. March 2013.


If you go

What: The Yawpers and Eldren

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: Shine, 2027 13th St., Boulder, 303-449-0120

Cost: $5

More info:

A bout a week ago, I asked Nate Cook, frontman for The Yawpers, and Eldren’s Josh Lee to interview each other. The videotaped results were hilarious and included a brief rendition of “Gangnam Style” but were un-publishable. (You can find the video on Facebook.)

However, we still wanted to talk with them — the bands are playing at Shine on Saturday night. So I caught up with Cook…on Facebook. Below, our Facebook chat interview (edited for grammar, typos and extreme profanity).


What’s up dawg.

So, when I decided you and Josh should interview each other, I should have known it would have passed the limits of what I could publish, huh?

Hahaha, I suppose. We should’ve known better, I guess.

The best part of that video was probably “Gangam Style.” Think we can get a reprise on Saturday?

I’ll talk to Josh about it, but he’s shy in public. Maybe I can talk him into joining everyone for a round of it, though.

Excellent. And I was going to ask, since the bands are good friends, are you planning anything collaborative for the show?

Not this one unfortunately, but you can definitely expect some in the near future.

Live or in the studio?

Starting live. Who knows? Maybe the studio one of these days.

Sweet. Another stupid Eldren question…


They had some rad spirit animal shirts on at SXSW and it got me wondering what The Yawpers’ spirit animals are.

Jesse is probably a meerkat, I’d be something like a star nosed mole and James would be like a platypus….

Sounds about right, except I have no idea what a star nosed mole is.

Do a quick Google search. It is amazing.

It is amazing. And scary.

Probably the most hideous animal in the business.

So, more seriously, how’s the new music coming?

Really well. We have some new material that we’re pretty proud of. What’s that old adage, an artist’s favorite piece is the one he just finished. That’s where we’re at. Digging the shit out of the new stuff.

Is it still going the direction I last heard? Heavier, sludgier, more metal?

It’s all over the place. We have some psychedelic elements, some sludgy elements and some classic Americana elements. This record will definitely be more encompassing of our taste spectrum than our previous efforts. We’re calling the record “Civil War Core” in response to the fad of 1887 aesthetics in modern Americana. So it’s kind of a take Americana/rock-and-roll back thing for us, as dumb as that sounds.

Do you worry about losing people in Boulder with the new material? The music scene here has never been big on the heavier stuff.

This scene has never been huge on us, period. We have our core fans, who are awesome, and I think they are there for the intention of the music as much as the style. At least I hope so. So I don’t think we’ll be losing any of them anytime soon. In Boulder, we’ve largely remained a critics’ band, not one that the community at large has really embraced. I guess that’s what I’m saying.

Ok, last thing: a stupid question lightning round. Who wins in a best hair competition — The Yawpers or Eldren?

Ohhhhhh. Shit, I have to give it to Eldren, unfortunately, but that rests squarely on the shoulders of Steve and Tyler. (Pauses.) Hahaha, when you say Steve and Tyler, it sounds like Steven Tyler. Awesome.

Hahaha and hair to match.

So, yes, Steven Tyler has better hair than us.

OK, who wins in a drinking contest?

Oh come on. You don’t even need to ask that one. Unless you’re talking tea, then those guys take it. I challenge any band in 30 miles to out-drink The Yawpers. Anytime, anywhere. That goes for arm wrestling, too.

Like this Saturday at Shine? Tequila?

Yep, you know it. Tequila isn’t even my poison, but I’ll put it away.

Any parting words?

Not really. Just come out to the show and make some mistakes with us.

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