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  • Sam Urdank



In case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know, “Arrested Development” is coming back for a fourth season. Netflix will release the whole thing on Sunday, so you can binge-watch it in one sitting.

“Arrested Development” is full of food-related jokes; I counted more than 30 as I was brainstorming things to include in this column. Most of the foods featured in the show (like Carl Weathers’ stew) are kind of disgusting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate with “Arrested Development”-themed noms. Here are some places in Boulder where you can prep for your binge-watching sesh by chowing down.

Hot ham water

If you’re as bad of a chef as the Bluths, let the pros at Brasserie Ten Ten help you out. Brasserie makes one of my all-time favorite foods, and it’s way better than hot ham water. The croque madame is a hot ham and cheese sandwich that is sure to blow your mind. As a fair warning, it comes with an egg on top — if you’re an egg hater like me, get a croque monsieur instead.


The Cornballer is a dangerous contraption (and technically illegal), but damn if cornballs don’t sound delicious. A lot of people have compared cornballs to hush puppies, but where’s the corn? Ball shape aside, I imagine cornballs would be similar to pupusas — flat patties made of corn that have stuff mixed in (I like the cheese and spinach ones). Swing by the Tres Pupusas stand at the farmers’ market or head up to Pupusas on Broadway and get your corn on.


One of my all-time favorite jokes is an exchange between Lucille and Michael: “Get me a vodka rocks.” “Mom, it’s breakfast.” “And a piece of toast.” We all know brunch is just an excuse to get drunk in the morning hours, which is what makes it awesome. Snooze has some truly fabulous cocktails to choose from… and who knows? They might even have toast.

Skip’s Scramble

Speaking of morning munchies, the Skip’s Scramble — featuring every item on the restaurant’s menu — is a Bluth family staple. The Village Coffee Shop on Folsom has a huge a la carte menu, so you can make your own Skip’s Scramble.


George Michael’s girlfriend Ann (her?) is apparently adorable when she makes a mayonegg, a hardboiled egg with mayonnaise on it. If you’re into eggs that are a little more normal than what Ann is serving up, head to Conor O’Neill’s for a Scotch Egg. The traditional dish is a hardboiled egg wrapped in breaded sausage meat, served with spicy mustard. They’re only $3 on happy hour, so they’re worth a try.

Bluth Banana

And of course, you can’t forget the Bluth Banana. There’s always money in the banana stand, a lesson that’s been learned by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They sell frozen bananas (including ones with nuts) — a necessary treat for any “Arrested Development” fan.

Jessica Ryan is a CU grad going into community management and PR. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily. On Twitter: @JessicaLRyan.