It’s almost just right that this band is called Free Time — and chose to make its debut record self-titled. The music just sounds like free time.

The easy-going indie rock doesn’t sound underproduced, like it was really tossed off while the band was killing time, but the feeling is close to that. The rhythms shuffle along, and trot at the most, while the guitars breezily play above. It all has the slightest hint of Americana, which, oddly enough, is in part due to the crackly quality of frontman Dion Nania’s voice.

There are moments where Free Time up the intensity, like “Natures Cup,” where Nania’s voice takes on a darker color and the guitars find themselves loudly tangled up. Chords on “Here and There” are hammered out with a little more oomph before making room for some melancholy vamping.

Even at its loudest on “Just One,” the songs cover a sort of low-grade heartache and sense of uncertainty. “Do I have to have just one baby / I don’t know which one I want,” Nanie drawls, dragging out “want” for a few bars. The lighter “It’s Alright” runs through the simplest of things to do for someone you love — “And when I wake up I will go downstairs and I’ll make coffee for you.” It sounds like things are generally all right for Nania, a few things aside.

He’s expressed it all very beautifully though, with the help of the rest of the band. Free Time’s debut LP is a lovely work of indie rock with just enough edge to make it interesting.

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