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The Flumps.
The Flumps.
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What: The Flumps

When: 9 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer St., Denver, 303-291-1007

Cost: $8

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The Colorado band now known as The Flumps has had a long evolution.

It all started in 2008, when the guys were playing in Florence as The Electric Cat Stevens Orchestra. They played covers, but they did not play Cat Stevens and it did not work out. In 2009, they started writing their own material, with a sound they refer to as “dirt folk,” and by 2011 the double album Scattered Light was ready for release. In the years in between, they recorded all over the state, in studios and in bathrooms.

Now, Dino Belli, Eric Hatfield, Mitch Macura and Alex Koshak are readying a new record. This one will be recorded in one place, and it will sound different, Belli said. The evolution continues.

“It’s going to be more coherent. The last album we recorded in bathrooms, you know?” Belli said. “I think it’s a lot more mature and it’s a more collective idea. It (Scattered Light) made sense to us, but it was thrown together. I’m not trying to take anything away from it, but regardless of what genre we wrote, it was, ‘Let’s put it out there,’ whereas on this album, we had a lot of new material and we could hone it into one collective idea.”

The record — the contents of which they’re keeping tight under wraps was recorded in a studio they built themselves, and Belli did the mixing and mastering himself. Once they hit the stage at the Larimer Lounge on July 10, though, some of the new songs will see the light of the stage.

“We’re being really secretive about it. We haven’t played it for anyone. We want it to be a kick in the teeth,” Belli said. “It’s gonna be the first show where we’re going to play half the set as new stuff.”

All the while, since the band’s earlier years, they’ve been scoring movies, too. Some of the work they’ve done is with their friends Jamie Pelz and Devin Hume. You’ll hear The Flumps’ music on their 2010 short film, “Woebegone.”

“I filmed a number of films in the area and I’m friends with the boys,” Pelz said. “They’ve been there for me. I kind of let them do their magic. These guys are just so creative.”

The scoring process, Belli said, is sort of the opposite of writing original material.

“When you’re writing your own stuff, you’re free to do things you like to do. You have endless possibilities because you become whatever you want for an individual song,” he said. “[With film] you see how it makes you feel and try to image what kind of emotion is being portrayed.”

The sound of The Flumps on film or The Flumps on Scattered Light, according to Belli, is pretty different from what they’re becoming now. The only way to hear that, for the time being, will be at the Larimer Lounge on Wednesday. Then, stay tuned for what he hopes will be big.

“I’m pretty excited about the stuff we’re putting out and I think it has commercial potential without compromising what we want,” he said. “You wanna write. You don’t wanna sell out and be Miley Cyrus, but we’re reaching for the stars.”