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Have some beverages at the West End this weekend.
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Have some beverages at the West End this weekend.

Back in high school, my people were the band people. Not to be confused with marching band people. That’s a whole separate … situation.

Not to say my band homies were any better … but I like to think that distinction mattered. It also quickly explains why I never dated in high school, with my flute as a natural guy repellant. Not that my nerd-alert bangs and AP classes helped. Meh.

I sure did love it, though. And I’ve found many of my friends now are recovering band geeks. Or choir and orchestra folks — who incidentally think that makes them cooler.


It’s also the reason for my love of classical music. I’ve always got a yearning to put away my slut-tastic clothes and check out some real music once in awhile. Not to say bumpin’ and a grindin’ to mindless bass isn’t, ya know, a blasty-blast, but still. Culture, folks.

The Colorado Music Festival Chamber Orchestra’s heading to the Chautauqua Auditorium (900 Baseline Rd.) at 6 p.m. on Sunday night, ready to bring music from rock to indie to classical genres to your ears with “The Music of Radiohead to Brahms.”

Before the music begins, Avery Brewing — along with other fine Boulder eateries — will be offering up the foods and brews we love.

Head to for info, tickets, etc.

And speaking of Avery, the brewery is releasing its Uncle Jacob bourbon barrel stout on Sunday, too. Head over to the taproom (5757 Arapahoe Ave.) after 11 a.m. and have a sip … or glass … or couple of pints.

Should you be seeking a different, more glitter-covered form of culture, look no further than The Dairy Center for the Arts

Because they’re bringing it back.

No, not sexy. JT’s got that covered. It’s disco.

The “Secret Disco Revolution” is showing Thursday through Saturday, and it’s … well it’s chock full of drugs and sex and dancing. Precisely what every weekend should have, except for the drugs. Swap those out for booze, and I’m sold.

Yes, I watched the trailer, and yes, it looked just as nuts as the era itself. It also looks like a great way to escape the heat and still get a good wild-night fix.

Head to for tickets and info.

But don’t let me keep you inside. You can sit on that ass and watch a movie in the great outdoors if that floats your boat. The Boulder Outdoor Cinema (1750 13th St.) is back, and it’s showing “Big Trouble in Little China” on Saturday. The band, Winchester Holiday, will play from 7:30 p.m. and then once it gets dark it’s sexy time! Oops, I mean movie time …

Alright, alright, for your Fourth of July goodness, here’s a few things you may want to trot those asses to.

Like the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (1750 13th St.). No, for real. It’s free admission from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and a good chance to say you did something good for you today, besides getting hammered and nearly wetting yourself each time a firework goes off.

Or perhaps you’re like me and in a 21-day workout with friends and you need something to motivate you. Allow Avery Brewing to help with got its 4K on the Fourth (starting at the tap room — 5757 Arapahoe Ave.) happening at 9 a.m., with winners who get a case of beer. And for us slow pokes, a chance to say we did good things before boozing.

Bacaro Venetian Taverna (921 Pearl St.) has some delightful food and drink specials from 10 p.m. to midnight. Should you make your way up to the rooftop, fireworks at Folsom Field will light up your Thursday night. As an FYI, the fireworks show starts at 9:30 p.m.

Stay safe, though, folks. No one likes a fire-starting asshole. What they do love is a scantily-clad fun-haver.

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